Curry Mantra

9984 Main St.
Fairfax, VA 22031



Patties stuffed w/ peas, potatoes & herbs
Puffed rice mix w/ onion, potato, cilantro, & chutney
Tandoori Wings$7.00
Chicken marinated overnight in spices, yogurt, ginger and garlic
Chicken Kati$7.00
Shredded chicken tikka mix in an Indian tortilla
Chaat Papri$6.00
Flour crisps & boiled potatoes topped with yogurt & chutney
Mix Vegetable Pakora$6.00
Assorted vegetables fried in chickpea butter
Masala Dosa$7.00
Rice crepe filled with potatoes & onions
Idli Sambar$5.00
Rice cakes served with sambar & coconut chutney
Soups & Salad
Mulligatawny Soup$4.00
Tangy curry flavored soup
Tomato Soup$4.00
Roasted tomatoes with fresh herbs & spices
Kachumber Salad$4.00
Diced onions, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce mix
Chef Green Salad$5.00
Sliced onions, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, and yogurt sauce
Murgh Curries
Chicken Mantra$13.00
Tender chicken cooked in garlic, ginger, onions & tomatoes
Chicken Tikka Masala$14.00
Breast skewed in tandoor and saut?ed in a rich creamy sauce
Butter Chicken$14.00
Breast skewed in tandoor and saut?ed in a buttery sauce w/ special spices
Chicken Shahi Korma$13.00
Boneless chicken saut?ed in a mild gravy garnished w/ nuts
Chicken Balti$13.00
Tender chicken cooked with the chef's specialty sauce
Chicken Vindaloo$13.00
Chicken & potatoes cooked in a fiery red chilly and vinegar sauce
Chicken Chettinad$13.00
Boneless chicken cooked with special Indian spices
Chicken Saagwala$13.00
Tender chicken saut?ed with spiced spinach & mantra
Lamb Curries
Lamb Mantra$14.00
Lean lamb cooked in a special curry sauce
Lamb Vindaloo $14.00
Lean lamb & potatoes cooked in a fiery red chilly & vinegar sauce
Shahi Korma$15.00
Sweet & spicy curried lamb in cream, cashews, and raisins
Lamb Saagwala$14.00
Tender lamb cooked with spinach
Lamb Roganjosh$14.00
Deboned lamb leg, cooked in an onion and tomato gravy
Balti Gosht$15.00
Tender lamb cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and capsicums
Lamb Madras$15.00
Lean lamb cooked w/ coconut curry sauce
Bakra Curries
Goat Mantra$15.00
Goat cooked in curry sauce with spices & mantra
Goat Balti $15.00
Tender goat cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, and chilies
Goat Vindaloo$15.00
Goat & potatoes cooked in a fiery chilly & vinegar sauce
Seafood Specialties
Goan Fish Curry$15.00
Tilapia in a creamy sauce flavored w/ mustard seeds & curry
Shrimp Masala$15.00
Shrimp cooked in curry sauce & spices
Shrimp Madras$15
Shrimp cooked w/ coconut
Thali Special
Non-Veg Thali$18
Combination platter of chicken & lamb curries w/ veggies, rice & bread
Combination platter of vegetables, rice, bread, & raita
Mughlai Biryani
Goat Biryani$16
Goat layered with aromatic basmati rice
Chicken Biryani$14
Chicken layered with aromatic basmati rice
Shrimp Biryani$16
Shrimp layered with aromatic basmati rice
Vegetable Biryani$13
Mixed vegetables layered with aromatic basmati rice
Tandoori Specialties
Chicken Malai Kabob$14
Chicken breast marinated with a creamy sauce & garlic paste
Chicken Tikka$14
Chicken Breast marinated with yogurt, ginger, and garlic paste
Tandoori Chicken$14
Spring chicken marinated with yogurt & ginger
Seekh Kabob$16
Minced Lamb mixed with onions, ginger, garlic, cilantro and other spices
Lamb Chops$19
Tender lamb marinated w/ yogurt, garlic & ginger paste
Tandoori Salmon$16
Salmon marinated in herbs & spices then barbequed
Boti Kabob$16
Tender lamb marinated w/ yogurt, garlic & ginger paste
Tandoori Shrimp$15
Shrimp marinated in freshly ground spices
Tandoori Mixed Grill$18
A combination of Seekh & Boti Kabobs with Chicken Tikka & Jumbo shrimp
Malai Kofta$12
Potato & cheese balls cooked in gravy
Saag Paneer$11
Cubes of homemade cheese & spinach cooked with mild spices
Navratan Korma$11
Mixed vegetables cooked in a mild creamy sauce topped w/ cashews
Daal Makhani$10.00
Lentils cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, onions, and creamy sauce
Aloo Gob$11
Potatoes, green peas, and cauliflower saut?ed w/ ginger & spices
Baigan Bharta$10
Baked eggplant with spices
Paneer Makhani$12.00
Cubes of homemade cheese cooked with herbs & spices
Tandoori Bread
Naan $2.00
Traditional white flour bread
Whole wheat flour bread
Whole wheat layered bread
Onion Kulcha$3.00
Leavened flour bread stuffed with spiced onions
Aloo Paratha$3.00
Whole wheat bread stuffed with spicy potatoes
Side Dishes
Mango Chutney$3.00
Sweet & mildly spiced mangoes w/ herbs
Home made creamy yogurt blended w/ cucumber & herbs
Tarka Daal$4.00
Yellow lentil curry, tempered w/ butter, red chilies, cumin and mustard seed
Spicy Mango Pickle$3.00
Diced mango simmered in oils, ginger, garlic, and red chili powder
Indian rice pudding
Indian cheese patties dipped in sweetened milk & nuts
Gulab Jamun$4.00
Home made milk balls dipped in honey
Indian Ice Cream$4.00
Authentic Indian ice cream made w/ flavored milk & nuts

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