Trummer's on Main

7134 Main St.
Clifton, VA 20124



Menu changes regularly. Please contact restaurant for current specials.
First Plates
Chicken Noodle Soup$12.00
wheat noodles, celery, carrots, chicken
Grilled Green Asparagus$13.00
dehydrated black olive . pistachio . b?arnaise mousse
Chilled Buchot Mussels$11.00
quinoa salad . smoked mayo . balsamic reduction
Chilled Duck Breast Salad$14.00
tosaka seaweed . foie gras toast . brined cherry leaf vinaigrette
English Pea Ravioli$14.00
pea shoots . serrano ham peas . manchego
Bibb Lettuce$12.00
toasted pecans . shaved beets . caramelized honey vinaigrette
Beef Tartare & Roasted Bone Marrow$14.00
grilled ciabatta . wild greens . pickled tomatillo
Main Plates
potato gnocchi . raisin pudding . cauliflower
Costa Rican Mahi Mahi - pan roasted$27.00
braised leeks . onion rings . leek broth
Maryland Softshell Crab$24.00
braised lettuce . tomato jam . chicken consomm
South Carolina Wreckfish$31.00
creamy bacalao . crab salad . chicken vinaigrette
Angus Rib-Eye of Beef$36.00
watercress . marble potatoes . Maytag blue cheese
Whole Roasted Chicken (serves 2)$38.00
bread pudding . cinnamon dusted maduros . poultry jus
Grilled Lamb Loin$34.00
eggplant . chickpea hummus . green mango
12 Hour Oven Roasted & Honey Glazed Pork Shoulder$24.00
sweet potato . pineapple confit . bay leaf crumble
Pastry Menu
The Chocolate Cake$9.00
vanilla sherbet . chocolate crumble
Mango Soup$9.00
milk-lime sherbet . crispy kaitifi . lime granita?
Brown Sugar Pudding$9.00
strawberry sorbet . frozen strawberry meringue . frosted pecans
Banana Praline$9.00
banana sherbet . praline sponge . hazelnut
Two Vanilla Ice Cream$6.00
cream Chantilly?. ?oreo? cookie
Mint Ice Cream$6.00
bittersweet chocolate . chocolate pearls
Pineapple Sorbet$6.00
vanilla cr?me anglaise???
Cheese Platter
Selection of Cheeses$10/$17
3 or 5 options
Menu changes regularly. Please contact restaurant for current specials.
3 course menu$32.00
Pastries, Jams & Butters
assorted house made breakfast pastries
Pineapple Parfait
yogurt panna cotta, oat streusel, fresh pineapple
Banana "Shredded Wheat"
banana sorbet . cinnamon sweet milk . vanilla meringue
Fried Green Tomatoes
tomato jam . queso fresco . tomato syrup
Smoked Salmon Tartare
corn?pancake?. dill cream . glass onion
Quiche Lorraine
wild watercress . cr?me fraiche . melba toast
Steak & Eggs
black bean . pico de gallo . sunny side up hen?egg
Duck Confit & Oyster Hash
sourdough toast . fried hen egg . chorizo
Poached Egg
crab cube . roasted pepper slaw . truffle lime sabayon
Fried Chicken & Virginia Toast
strawberry slaw . bourbon drizzle
Vanilla Pork Belly
buttermilk biscuit . Edward?s country ham . country gravy
Shrimp & Anis Mill Grits
English peas . spinach .? bacon . comte cheese

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