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Trying for Two Amys...and Good Enough
Written by on 4/16/2012

Close is good -- I am tired of schlepping into the District and waiting for a table at Two Amys. That's why I was an enthusiastic and early supporter of Pizzeria Orso. While they have some way to go to match Two Amys' quality, close is good enough. They have a great menu of small (non-pizza) plates, and lovely wood-fired pies of every variety. The salads are fresh and nicely dressed with simple oil and vinegar. You can see that the kitchen attends to small details. The wine list is well-chosen and a cut above many Northern Virginia casual dining spots. I see improvement in the wait staff; in the early days of the restaurant, they often seemed distracted and less than smooth. Now, you are generally greeted early on, and courses arrive in a reasonable order. Pizzeria Orso is also very kid-friendly, and offers enough menu choices for everyone. A welcome addition to suburban dining!

Food: 8 | Ambience: 7 | Service: 6 | Will you return? Yes

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