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What a GEM!!
Written by bkdice on 6/27/2012

I love this place! We live near by and since Mokomandy opened, we rarely venture far on those nights we decide to go out to eat. I love the various options for small, medium, or large plates. We always try something new, but we also always get our favorite (gator croquettes and the scallop blt). Special cocktails are wonderful, and the coffee is the best around. I can't say enough good things about the food and am so grateful they are here!

Food: 9 | Ambience: 8 | Service: 7 | Will you return? Yes
Worth the drive, worth the money and worth a visit!!
Written by fatdaddy on 2/23/2012

ďThereís an AMAZING restaurant in Sterling!Ē was how I started my description of Mokomandy to my friends. The next 10 minutes they sat spellbound and drooling as I recounted tales of creatively wonderful food that successfully fused Cajun and Korean flavors. From a foie gras dumpling starter to an amazing Seared Duck and porridge main. We ate like kings leaving satisfied and with full bellies while our pauper wallets were not completely wiped out. Yes my friends were indeed drooling and I havenít talked about a new (to me) restaurant with such enthusiasm for quite a long time. If this restaurant were in DC, you would easily pay twice if not three time the amount of money for the same food. Our server was amazing as he happily provided suggestions and addressed our myriad of questions about the entrees and most excellent beer list. I truly wish Mokomandy all the success in the world as itís great having such an innovative restaurant in the boonies of Northern VA. BTW, Iím already planning my next return!

Food: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Service: 10 | Will you return? Yes

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