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Written by discojing on 7/13/2009

We didnít have to wait long for a table, and during our wait I read the articles on the wall. We were moved to a small table and when we ordered shabu shabu, the waitress looked at me and said ďdo you know what that is?Ē. Offended. I assured her I knew what it was and we opted for the a la carte shabu shabu, which was a few dollars less than the dinner option that included a salad and dessert. We were moved to a larger table to accommodate the nabe that the shabu shabu would be cooking in. Well, in the end the shabu shabu was still a bit lacking. It was cooked nabemono-style, which was everything in the pot at the same time, instead of cooking the meat first and then adding the vegetables at the end with the left over liquid. Also, we were missing the koma sauce. Dinner was pretty good ó Iím glad I got my shabu fix, but I donít think Iíll be going back. Maybe for sushi if weíre in the area, but there are much better Japanese restaurants out there to try and much closer ones for the sushi-fix.

Food: 7 | Ambience: 7 | Service: 7 | Will you return? No
Authentic Japanese
Written by chfries on 12/6/2007

Really cool place. Fantastic sushi and Japanese cuisine...sushi is made right in front of you. Highly recommend to anyone who appreciates authentic Japanese.

Food: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Service: 10 | Will you return? Yes

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