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Even an oyster-hater will love Hank's
Written by on 2/22/2012

The entire clan – except me – loves oysters, and yet Hank’s is my hands-down favorite restaurant in NoVA. This seeming conundrum can be explained with one word – and that word is “quality”. Well, maybe two words – add “deliciousness” Hank’s constantly changing menu features fresh local fare, when possible, and the fish and seafood are of impeccable quality. The preparations are interesting – perhaps a glaze here, a risotto there – but never fussy and overdone. While the tariff at Hank’s is not cheap, neither is it expensive when you consider the quality of what is on your plate. The Old Town location is a tiny little place, and it can involve a wait and a crowd, but one bite of their lobster roll or griddled crab cake, and all is forgiven in terms of wait. I also like their well-chosen and reasonably priced wine list. Wines by the glass are priced in line with most NoVA restaurants and there are many reasonably-priced bottles on the list. Treat yourself the next time you feel like being at the shore without the drive, and Hank’s will do the trick.

Food: 10 | Ambience: 10 | Service: 10 | Will you return? Yes

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