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Nice, but...
Written by foodiewannabe on 9/26/2009

Okay in their defense, the order changed a signifcant number of times and many things were last minute. But ultimately, I was charged for 3 meals that weren't served. I told the owner when she went over the bill, that I would pay her, but would review the bill in detail when I got home because I wasn't sure about the numbers. In short 21 people ate, we were charged for 24... I called her 30 minutes after leaving the restaurant just like I said I would. She denies everything... The food was good. The service was decent. One particular server was awful. She didn't want to provide the party with a pitcher of water... The hors d'oeuvre hour had two other parties hanging out while my party was gathering... Overall a decent experience except for the $150 over charge! Hummm... Probably won't go there again with a large party... Really don't think they handle complex groups. They wanted me to keep track of the orders... Would have been better if they had just refunded the money... I would use them again. There are too many restaurants in DMV to take a party.

Food: 7 | Ambience: 8 | Service: 4 | Will you return? No

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