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Ohh la la, I think Iím in love.
Written by on 6/1/2012

Everything on The Wine Kitchenís menu is amazing. You can tell that the chef puts passion into everything that comes out of the kitchen. By far our favorite dish is actually a sandwich, well a gourmet sandwich I should say. Their croque monsieur Ė which is the Frenchís play on a ham and cheese Ė is to die for. We crave this cheesy, buttery sammy. I know what you are thinking Ė Can a ham and cheese sandwich be that good? YES, it can! They select the perfect brioche to soak up the butter and crisp the sandwich. The gruyere cheese perfectly melts over their farm fresh ham. This sandwich is guaranteed to excite your tastebuds. They pair the croque monsieur with a simple mixed green salad dressed in a light vinaigrette. Ohh la la, I think Iím in love.

Food: 8 | Ambience: 10 | Service: 7 | Will you return? Yes
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Written by AmazingGrace on 8/11/2009

The Wine Kitchen has become a local hangout as well as a draw for visitors to Leesburg. Its small, communal space encourages conversation with your neighbors as you're eying their meal, struggling yourself to choose from the menu. The ever present owners are great for conversation and answering questions. The focus on local products also encourages that neighborhood vibe, with regular free wine tastings from Virginia wineries and local foods throughout the menu. The food at The Wine Kitchen is pure comfort food at its finest. Pork cheeks with a celeriac puree and citrus balsamic reduction thoroughly warmed my body and soul after a brutally cold winterís day. The ooey-gooey Croque Monsieur seems to be a fixture on the menu, most likely because it has gathered a cult following. Same goes for the macaroni & cheese with its cheese filled shells bubbling on a black iron skillet. But it's the "Chicken & Waffles" that I find myself craving most. The perfectly fried, succulent pieces of quail atop cornmeal herb waffles drizzled with bacon caramel syrup leaves me sucking every little piece of meat from the bone and wishing I could lick my plate clean without shame!

Food: 9 | Ambience: 9 | Service: 9 | Will you return? Yes

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