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The Best I've Ever Had
Written by ivyflavor on 9/3/2009

The hardest food review to write is one written about a dish that leaves you speechless. Truly an outer body experience. PassionFish brought a taste of home from the south. Imagine the transition of color in a rainbow, transposed in a salad with the transition of flavors between the Sweet Summer Watermelon + Peppery Arugula + Salty Feta Cheese + Spiced Pecans + Honey Lemon Basil Vinaigrette AMAZING! The best of the best paired perfectly! Fresh, simple and consistent. The party in my mouth continued with a familiar concept, seafood over grits. The Ancho-Honey Glazed Salmon topped with Black Bean Corn Salsa over Creamy Grits “on cloud 9” and an exclamation point on the side for that “POW!” affect (mini Lobster Relleno). Not only a beautiful sight but a perfect blend of textures and flavors. The honey and ancho chili powder combo created a soft crust on top of the perfectly cooked salmon. Last, but not Forgotten the Key-Lime Meringue Tart (a marshmallow mass) with a sidewalk of Mango and Pineapple cubes leading you to the White Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! A sweet ending to an inspiring and memorable experience.

Food: 10 | Ambience: 9 | Service: 9 | Will you return? Yes

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