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Sure Things: Tom Bihn Travel Bags

Posted by Carten Cordell / Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Tom Bihn Aeronaut Bag, $220

As someone who has always loved bags, something that doesn’t exactly thrill my hubs — the bag themselves, and the fact that I love them — it was certainly much to my surprise when he suddenly starting talking about bags. A lot. Make that constantly. But not just about any bags … and, no, my affinity for Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs hadn’t finally rubbed off on him. He had become acquainted, through a minimalist packing website, with today’s Sure Thing: Tom Bihn bags. Soon it was a love affair. And I’m beginning to understand.

First, let me explain that he is not alone in his adoration. Check out this forum. Take some time scrolling, and you’ll even find happy campers posing with their bags in Antarctica.

You’ll also learn about the bags’ many winning attributes, which have won me — far from a minimalist packer, but one who finds organization very, very pleasing — over:

Bihn makes bags, in the good ol’ USA (Seattle), for air and other travel as well as everyday messenger bags, backpacks and more — including accessories for protecting treasured devices like iPads.

What makes them really special: They are made from materials that are very light (helps the back) but extremely durable (helps the budget–we all know how airports handle bags). Plus, they feature very smart designs that allow you to organize your stuff in such a way, with the help of packing cubes, that you can fit a lot into what seems like a small space, and actually find what you need when you arrive at your destination, even if you “live out of your suitcase” and never really unpack.

I’ve been amazed seeing how much stuff will fit into my hubby’s Synapse and Aeronaut. He can fit just about as much into his Aeronaut, which is a large carryon, as I can pack into some of my larger suitcases.

Now with a little travel buddy, I plan to get a few Bihn bags of my own. Less bags to haul through the airport without sacrificing beloved outfit “options” for myself and my little cutie, plus incredible organization that will give me that ahh feeling upon arrival … sign me up!

Happy shopping!

–Natalie Kaar

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eal Says:

I have some Tom Bihn bags and they are great. Another great bag company is Red Oxx in Montana, their Air Boss is the best carry on bag I have ever owned.

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