Bargains Beyond Black Friday

Posted by Carten Cordell / Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

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First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! Today, may you be surrounded by those who you love most dearly as you offer thanks for your many blessings, keep in mind those who are less fortunate and stuff your stomach to the max over hours of football!

Whew! Think all that will have you too tired to hit the 8-p.m., midnight and early-early-morning Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday madness at area retailers? Some experts argue that those sales don’t offer the best holiday deals anyway.

Feast your eyes on one of the most fascinating articles I’ve read on the subject, and as a Christmas fanatic (my name, itself, means “Christmas child”)/shop-a-holic/fashion & beauty editor, trust me, there’s been lots of reading and research. Despise your alarm more than anything? The article suggests that instead of losing sleep right when the tryptophan has it out for you already, you should focus on your holiday deal hunt come the second week in December.

Similarly, Today’s research suggests that some items are at their lowest prices on Black Friday, but others, not so much. The morning show listsĀ 10 items not to buy on Black Friday. (Not quite a fan of this article, just because it sounds like we ladies shouldn’t expect any bling when sleigh bells ring–that we should look forward to Valentine’s Day instead).

Yet another intriguing Time article, pointing to the sales alert site shopittome’s research, goes several steps further, looking far beyond the holiday season as a whole. It looks at deal timing throughout the year, suggesting the perfect month to buy everything from sneakers (November and April) to jeans (October), and even breaking down the best days each week to shop for various items. For instance, if shoes or children’s clothes are what you seek, hit the pavement on hump day. As for your swimsuit shopping — watch that weekend eating! — you should self tan and strip down under the spotlights on Sunday.

Love the rush of shopping when the crowds are the biggest? I say drink up some java and do it up … politely.

Prefer to spend Turkey Day and Black Friday getting out of your food coma and decorating the abode? Take this post as some food for thought — as if you needed another morsel!

–Natalie Kaar

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