Saint Nick’s Sweet 16: Something Delicious

Posted by Carten Cordell / Monday, December 10th, 2012

Doesn’t dear old Santa have it nice — you know, with everyone sending him a list of exactly what they want most? If only everyone were so forthcoming with their wishes when it comes to sharing them with friends and family! Still, there is no reason to feel forlorn. We’ve surveyed area retailers and explored store after store all over the Internet to bring you gift ideas for everyone on your list that are practically a sure bet!


 Presenting Saint Nick’s Sweet 16!

Day Six: Something Delicious


A Box of Delectable Chocolates

Anyone on your list will feel the love after receiving this box of 15 beautifully decorated chocolates. 


Photo courtesy of Artisan Confections.

The Gingerbread House

The German Heidelberg Bakery sells gingerbread houses covered from top to bottom in festive candies–a fun holiday decoration so fun everyone will want to take a nibble.


Photo courtesy of Heidelberg Bakery.

An Apron or a Dress?

These fashionable aprons are so cute, they essentially pass as a wardrobe piece on their own! The apron, by Marcy Butler Design Group, comes in four different necklines and assorted colors to fit the style and needs of the baker on your list.


Photo courtesy of La Cuisine.

Make Hot Cocoa the Mexican Way

If you’re looking for an exotic gift for a foodie friend, this ceramic pot from Hernan is the perfect kitchen addition. It’s perfect for making traditional hot chocolate, as well as for heating tea or soup.


Photo courtesy of La Cuisine.

Cake Pops Kit by Bakerella

Complete with sticks, bags, tags, ribbon and an instruction booklet so you can recreate delicious cake pops at home.


Photo courtesy of Society Fair.

Thrasher’s Cocktail Mixes

For the aspiring bartender, Cocktail Ace Todd Thrasher offers mixers, syrups and tonic water. 


Photo courtesy of Society Fair.

Happy shopping!

–Kayla Franson

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