D.C. Thread Truck Hitting the Streets

Posted by Tasnim Eboo / Friday, March 22nd, 2013

The Thread Truck Logo

The Thread Truck (Photo courtesy of The Thread Truck)

Who said shopping had to be done in a store? We have all had those days where we have nothing to wear and can’t seem to find anything we adore in our closets that will work for a night out on the town, but the last thing we want to do is drive all over town to escape a fashion emergency. The D.C. Thread Truck is our answer. With the fast-paced lives we all face, keeping our closets up to date can be tiresome and difficult. The D.C. Thread Truck features items we all crave like the LBD as well as unique jewelry and clothes from up-and-coming designers, all under $50! What’s not to love?!

Before and After The Thead Truck

Planned Before and After of The Thead Truck (Photo courtesy of The Thread Truck)

The Thread Truck was co-founded by Stacey Kane and Brooke Jordan, who endeavor to offer “the ultimate cure for the style emergency.” In order to trick out this truck and give it the extreme makeover it needs, Indiegogo is helping The Thread Truck raise $15,000. Although the campaign is ongoing, the truck is already up and running to host parties, girls nights and pre-happy hour events! If you’re the gal to throw the party, you will receive 20 percent off your guests’ sales to go shopping in the truck, or the Thread Truck will cut a check for 15 percent to a charity of your choice. The party is totally free; you just have to invite the guests–they will bring the shopping to you!

Shopping parties aside, the Thread Truck is hoping to hit the streets of D.C., NoVA and surrounding areas by Sunday, April 14, so be on the lookout for this fab-filled truck!

Happy Shopping!

-Tasnim Eboo 

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