Coif Crushes: A ‘Great Gatsby’ Classic

Posted by Carten Cordell / Monday, May 20th, 2013


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After reading “The Great Gatsby” in preparation for its film release, I once again fell in love with the Roaring ’20s. During this period, women pulled off bedazzled flapper dresses, bold makeup and, of course, gorgeous hairstyles. One hairstyle in particular, the finger wave, is a technique that is stunning on short and long-haired women and has become a glamorous trend of this iconic decade. With its unique ‘S’ shape, the finger wave is a style that is currently making a rapid comeback. Especially with the film’s great success, we are finding modernized twists of this elegant look in a variety of places, from the runway to the red carpet. If you ever wish to channel the beauty and sophistication of the Roaring ’20s into your everyday style, here’s how!

How To: ’20s Finger Waves

Apply set & style spray to damp, towel-dried hair, such as Arojo Set and Style Spray

Blowdry hair in a downward motion until dry. Brush out any tangles or snarls. Now apply a thermal protector. I recommend Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist.

Separate hair into two sections (horizontal), and pin top hair up and out of the way.

Take the remaining hair underneath and separate into two sections (think pigtails).

Use a triple-barrel curling iron to clamp down on hair, such as the Hot Tools Professional 3-Barrel Waver.

Start from the scalp, and work your way down. Do this on both sections.

Hot Tools Professional 3-Barrel Waver, $43.50 (Photo courtesy of Hair Envy)

Next, unpin hair at your crown, separate into two vertical sections, like before, and curl with the iron.

Once your entire head is curled, spray with holding spray to fix and shine. Use a spray that will keep your hair in place and  looking polished, such as Arojo Holding Spray.

January Jones (Helga Esteb/Shuttershock)

With finger waves like these, you will be rocking a classic look that all of your friends will envy.

Happy Styling!

- Meghan Furey



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