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Nit Twits

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Wednesday, April 21st, 2010


I may not have the name recognition, industry clout or generous expense accounts enjoyed by my fellow D.C.-Metro restaurant critics.

But when it comes to dopey fans, yours truly is the shaznit.

At least, that’s what I’m taking away from my latest Stupid Fight standings.

British comedian and iconoclast Tom Scott created the linguistic litmus test, a process which liberally penalizes those who rely on exorbitant punctuation (“Long strings of exclamation marks produce the harshest grading, if I remember rightly,” he explained), emoticons and/or texting shorthand (LOL, OMG) to get their flippant messages across. The calculations are culled from your last 100 @ replies–proving, once again that silence is golden–all of which makes SF rankings a very fluid barometer of the collective grey matter in any Tweeters immediate orbit.

Though originally designed to shame the sheep who while away their days composing unrequited missives to celeb Tweeters, I decided to run our local food personalities–including critics Tim Carman, Todd Kliman and Tom Sietsema–through the IQ wringer to see how our respective flocks fared.

I’m proud/sorry to report that in these here parts, I’m King of the World!

* @WARojas – SF score: 500 (putting you all just north of “thick as two short planks”)

* @tomsietsema – 286

* @timcarman – 88

* @toddkliman – 0 (squarely planted in the “smart as a whip” camp).

My regional dominance clearly established (holla!), I elected to pit some national food folks against one another:

* Alimentary ethnographers Michael Pollan (@michaelpollan) v. John T. Edge (@johntedge): 248 – 93 (respectively)

* Gastro gatekeepers Dana Cowin (@fwscout) and Christopher Kimball (@cpkimball): 111 – 292

* New York Times scribes Frank Bruni (@frankbruni) and Sam Sifton (@samsifton): 440 -271

* Culinary community builders Addie Broyles (@broylesa) and Robin Davis (@DispatchKitchen): 252 – 233 (*tightest race of the day*)

* Food scholars Michael Ruhlman (@ruhlman) and David Leite (@davidleite): 694 – 0 (*the widest spread encountered*), and,

* Dirty Dirty dining sleuths Bill Addison (@BillAddison) and Brett Anderson (@BrettAndersonTP): 443 -286

So, what did I learn from my intensive investigation into Stupid Fight?

Not much.

But whadja expect from a guy whose “fans” must remain ever vigilant lest they forget to keep breathing…


Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, February 5th, 2010


(Image: Etiole)

As you can imagine, the latter part of this week has been dominated by feverish #snowpocalypse/#snOMG/#Snogasm coverage:

* @delrayser and Postie Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) for taking stocking up with a grain of salt;

* Food scribe Addie Broyles (@broylesa) for turning winter warnings into a call for culinary action;

* The Globe and Mail (via @FoodNewsJournal) for reminding us that culinary genius is often a group effort;

* Robyn Eckhardt (@EatingAsia) for using her noodle and focusing on the hands that feed us;

* Cheflebrity stalker @rdpeyton for keeping his head on a swivel;

* Asylum (@Asylumdotcom) for showcasing a heart-pumping grocery run; and,

* Tongue-in-cheek troubadour John Mayer (@johncmayer) for unabashedly embracing his cereal killer-dom.

The Interweb is like a snark buffet.