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How to spend a romantic day in Alexandria

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Simplify your love life.  Check out this week’s step-by-step day trip within the amorous sections of Alexandria.

Credit: R Kennedy for ACVA

By Meghan Meier

Whether it is an anniversary celebration or just looking for something fun to do with that special person, Alexandria has the outdoor and indoor activities to make that day memorable. From restaurants to shopping and historical adventures, there is always something happening just around the corner. When sorting through all the possibilities, this hodgepodge of ideas can create quite the conundrum. However, there is a solution. To help fix this little teaser, here are some places to help make that perfect itinerary.

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BEST OF 2015: Northern Virginia’s Best Urban Parks


Northern Virginia’s urban neighborhoods may have a reputation for congestion and suburban sprawl, but the area is actually home to thousands of acres of parkland and trails. In fact, you don’t have to look very hard to find the perfect spot for a summertime picnic or scenic hike—chances are there’s a must-see park right around the corner. With summer in full swing, what better time is there to enjoy the area’s best urban historic sites, walking trails and playgrounds? Whether your interests lie in visiting local Civil War relics, people-watching along the Potomac or checking out the area’s many outdoor educational opportunities with the kids, there’s plenty to keep you busy inside the Beltway.




(July 2015)



2015 Best of Family: Get outside and get into nature centers

Photo courtesy of panco971/

Photo courtesy of panco971/

By Micaela Williamson

Summer might be over, but there are always options for outdoor play in NoVA. Now is the time to take advantage of the great outdoors before days get short. With trails, animal encounters and environmental-focused family programs, budding naturalists will enjoy spending time at these nature centers.

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Northern Virginia in the raw

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Beef tartare at Restaurant Eve

Beef tartare at Restaurant Eve (photo by Laura Hayes)

Northern Virginia’s cornucopia of ethnic cuisine means opportunities to try food from far corners of the globe with just a few minutes spent behind the wheel. Take raw beef dishes, for example. Nearly ever culture embraces their inner carnivore and serves beef (or lamb) rare. Here’s where to try takes from France, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Vietnam and Korea.

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New chef, new menus at Evening Star Cafe

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Executive Chef Keith Cabot

New Evening Star Cafe executive chef Keith Cabot (courtesy Neighborhood Restaurant Group)

Evening Star Cafe’s new chef is readying to debut fresh menus on Oct. 3. Keith Cabot was appointed to the executive chef position in September, bringing with him a resume that includes Suna, Table, Menu MBK, Denson Liquor Bar and Sotto across the river in Washington, D.C.

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‘Angel Soldier Dance Sublime’: Collaborative art exhibit comes to Torpedo Factory

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Photo courtesy of Anya Antonovych.

Photo courtesy of Anya Antonovych.

By Grace Ann Brew

Starting on Sept. 10, four female artists will present photographs, drawings, sculptures and a dance performance that reflect their own experiences as female artists, mothers and warriors. Sam Jones, Anya Antonovych, Heather Lyon and Kari Van Tine create a dialogue between the feminine and the masculine with their exhibit, “Angel Soldier Dance Sublime.”

Each artist uses both feminine and masculine elements in her work. “I believe it’s a very feminine engagement with the materials,” Jones says of her glass sculpture. “I’m using my nondominant hand to draw, and in my dominant hand I have a torch that is melting my glass rod. As I’m making the work, I’m subverting my own control at every level. What I end up doing is just surrendering to the process.”

Lyon similarly describes the process of wrapping her sculptures made of rebar (industrial steel), sequins and cloth. “The rebar is quite masculine. It’s rational, industrial and linear. Then the treatment of the surface of the rebar is much more feminine. It’s a very repetitive action of wrapping, which for me really connects to other ways of making that have a traditionally feminine approach, like knitting, sewing and binding.”

Antonovych created her photographs in a unique way. “These were all photographs that I took by accident on my iPhone,” Antonovych says. “I got really interested in them because they were very rich and sensual images. In the end they are presented in a very ordered form, and it’s almost like I’m trying to domesticate the intuitive through a presentation that is much more logical and masculine.”

While these three women’s pieces are on display at the Target Gallery, dancer and artist Kari Van Tine will perform an improvised dance in reaction to the work. As a part of her dance, she will be drawing on a 7-by-15-foot cotton paper on the floor with her body. “I will be physically tying together the relationships between the other elements in the space,” Van Tine explains. “In my role as the dancer, artist, warrior and angel, I will be mapping out and creating a lasting element of something that is actually moment to moment.”

Van Tine will begin her piece on Tuesday, Sept. 15, and will continue to add to it through the following Wednesday, Sept. 16. She uses a combination of soft, feminine dance with more aggressive, masculine martial arts movements to express the relationship between the feminine and the masculine.

“I’m teasing apart how it feels to hold the strength and power of being feminine while also masculine,” Van Tine says. “I’m at play with these elements, but while I’m working, I’m also being clear that they are distinct elements and will not be blended together.”

These female artists are interested in concepts of femininity in a post-feminist world and what it means to be a mother, an artist and a woman. Lyon says, “The feminist courses at schools taught me that there was only one way to be a feminist and that was to reject anything related to domesticity. I found that really restrictive. After I had a child, I got a lot of flak from people saying I couldn’t be a successful artist and a mother, so now I’m really trying to embrace both parts of my life.”

Jones, who had a similar experience, says: “I’m not going to apologize for having a baby and being an artist. I’m not trying to fight something here; I just want to exist. I want to be part of the conversation.”

Join Jones, Antonovych, Lyon and Van Tine in their exploration of femininity and view their representations of the female warrior by visiting the Target Gallery Sept. 10-Oct. 18. The opening reception takes place on Sept. 10, and there will be a curator talk with Anya Antonovych at 7 p.m.

 “Angel Soldier Dance Sublime”
Torpedo Factory Art Center
105 N. Union St., Alexandria
Sept. 10-Oct. 18; Opening reception Sept 10, 6-8 p.m.

Wood-fired pizza and mammoth meatballs coming to Alexandria

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap

Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap (rendering courtesy Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap)

By Laura Hayes

The marker of any good Neapolitan pizza joint is its oven, and the one at Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap coming to the Rosemount district of Alexandria (401 E. Braddock Road) is next-level: The bricks are made from raw materials from Italy including volcanic rock from the base of Mount Vesuvius. The 4,800-pound oven (which is the maximum weight of a Great White shark, to provide perspective) comes from Marra Forni, a family business based in Beltsville, Maryland.

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Get outside and get into nature centers

Posted by Editorial / Friday, September 4th, 2015

Photo courtesy of panco971/

Photo courtesy of panco971/

By Micaela Williamson

Summer might be over, but there are always options for outdoor play in NoVA. Now is the time to take advantage of the great outdoors before days get short. With trails, animal encounters and environmental-focused family programs, budding naturalists will enjoy spending time at these nature centers.

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Vienna in list of best places to live; Colorado theater shooter won’t get death penalty

By Raquel DeSouza

Vienna is listed No. 48 out of 50 best places to live in the country. 
(TIME Money)

Arlington and Alexandria consider constructing a shared 50-meter pool. 

A “Little Free Library” with about 30 books opened in Old Town Manassas.
(Washington Post)

Andy Murray beats Djokovic and is now focusing on the upcoming U.S. Open in New York.

The Colorado theater shooter missed the death penalty by one juror vote. 
(Huffington Post)

Redskins win first preseason game; Man charged in Aug. 5 Alexandria killing

By Rachel Sandler

Redskins win first preseason game but lose Niles Paul.
(Washington Post)

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell requests to stay free on bond.

Man charged in Aug. 5 Alexandria killing.
(NBC News 4)

Flag raising to be held at recently opened American embassy in Cuba.
(New York Times)

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