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Where to Find Locally Made Syrups without a Pumpkin Spice in Sight

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

House-made syrup at Killer E.S.P.

The ingredients for Killer E.S.P.’s raspberry syrup / Photo courtesy of Rob Shelton

By Nicole Bayne

In today’s craft coffeehouse culture of sourcing single-origin roasts and taking many dedicated minutes to pour one serving of coffee, these delicate flavors extracted with the help from trained baristas don’t require enhancements. But that purity is over once fall hits and pumpkin spice syrup takes over the world. 

If you like to know where your coffee is sourced, where it’s roasted and exactly how, and for how long, the grinds interact with water, but still want a little sugar in your life, these NoVA coffee shops make their own syrups—none of which mimic the scents of a particular seasonal pie—and combine them with bean blends for personalized, but still pure, combinations. 

Housemade Syrups: Vanilla, Raspberry
From: Killer E.S.P. 

Order: Vanilla Latte; or White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha Latte made with Stumptown’s Hair Bender espresso blend and two pumps of syrup

Owner Rob Shelton says Killer E.S.P. is a “pumpkin–free zone” and uses certified organic vanilla beans in the vanilla syrup. A pastry chef makes the raspberry sauce-like syrup. “We’ve all just been trained to go and drink chemically induced potions,” says Shelton. “You can tell the difference immediately between chemicals and real vanilla.” 

Bonus: no-syrup-added Nutella Latte. Made with a teaspoon of Nutella it’s then followed by about 2 inches of hot milk before letting the concoction rest for a minute. Espresso is added after so it won’t sour. The rest of the milk is poured in last. / 1012 King Street, Alexandria 

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Two NoVA Chefs Star in Season 12 of Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

By Stefanie Gans

Joy Crump, owner of FOODĒ in Fredericksburg and George Pagonis, an Alexandria native, join the newest cast of Bravo’s culinary competition “Top Chef.” FOODĒ started as a catering company in Atlanta, and in 2010, Crump brought it to downtown Fredericksburg as a small, counter operation with an emphasis on local food. This December, Pagnois, along with “Top Chef” alum Mike Isabella, will open Kapnos Taverna in Arlington. The restaurant is an offshoot of Kapnos in Washington, D.C, where Pagnois is executive chef. Season 12, shot in Boston, airs tonight at 10 p.m. 

(October 2014)

D.C. ranks among top cities for rats; Poll calls for jail time for McDonnell

By Carten Cordell

D.C. ranks among top cities for rats

Firefighter hurt in Alexandria blaze

Poll: Virginians Support Jail Time For Former Gov. Bob McDonnell

Warner, Gillespie spar in Senate debate
(The Washington Post)


Jobless Rate Lowest Since 2008; Traffic Trifecta in the Works Friday

By Michael Balderston

Jobless rate falls below 6%, lowest since 2008.

MLB playoffs, Yom Kippur, and weekend getaways could cause traffic trifecta.

Taxi driver charged with shooting Alexandria police officer found ‘not guilty by reason of insanity.’

Court hearings for UVA case pushed until December.
(Washington Post)

Voter registration deadline just two weeks away.
(NBC Washington)

Stafford teacher charged for sexual relationship with student; UVA suspect linked to 2009 murder

By Carten Cordell

Suspect’s arrest in UVA case turns up lead in 2009 murder of Va. Tech student
(The Washington Post)

Severance moved from Alexandria to Arlington jail
(The Washington Post)

Stafford teacher charged with having sexual relationship with student

Nuclear fuel rods found damaged at Va. power plant





Manassas City Council to consider reopening Lake Manassas; Theft draws community together

By Carten Cordell

A Lemonade-stand theft causes a Loudoun community and a famous author to come to the rescue
(The Washington Post)

Manassas City Council to consider reopening Lake Manassas
(The Washington Post)

Trial to begin in shooting of Alexandria officer

Plan for a New School In Arlington’s TJ Park Draws Neighborhood Ire

Workout Like a Dog

Frolick Dogs Gym offers dog owners a new way to keep their pets happy and healthy. –Michael Balderston

Frolick Dogs in Alexandria

Photo courtesy of Mikel Martinez/

In today’s busy world, it’s hard to make the time to get in the necessary exercise, to shed those unwanted pounds, or to just get out and play, for man or dog.

Dogs need more than the occasional walk to stay healthy—veterinarians say that more than 50 percent of dogs in the U.S. are obese. But what’s a dog owner to do? Believe it or not, a gym membership for your dog may be just the answer.

Frolick Dogs, a canine sports club, opened up in June in Alexandria with the purpose of helping dogs get the exercise and mental challenges they need to stay healthy. Run by husband and wife Kevin and Kim Gilliam, Frolick Dogs offers a full gym experience for your four-legged companions, featuring treadmills, agility courses, showers and even their own monthly membership.

After more than six years as a dog trainer with the Olde Towne School for Dogs, Kevin was looking for the next step in dog care.“We were looking for the ‘what’s next,’” says Kevin. “As a trainer, I was like, where can I go and train my dog, or where can I practice or where can I do things … in a space that can accommodate everybody, or as many needs as we can.”

So Kevin and Kim set out to create Frolick Dogs, a 4,800-square-foot gym that tailors exclusively to the exercise and health needs of dogs. Owners can sign up for a month-long membership for $60 in which they get full access to the facility any time of day, or day-board their dogs and have Kevin and Kim run them through workouts. Non-members can drop in for $10 for a day pass. They also plan to host seminars with dog health and medicine experts to keep owners well informed on the needs of their pets.

“I think we tapped into a whole subculture that we never really knew existed,” says Kevin. “Some people have Harleys, some people have dogs.” He may be right. Requests have been coming in from places like New York, Chicago, California and even Dubai for Kevin and Kim to expand their operations. Places like those may have dog-friendly communities, but according to Kevin and Kim there are very few places that offer all the aspects of a traditional gym for dogs.

What tops it all for Kim and Kevin is the bond that this opportunity allows for owners and their dogs and making them as knowledgeable as possible. “We not only build the dog’s confidence,” says Kevin, “we build the owner’s confidence.”

“These are the best clients to have,” says Kim. “Working with them, challenging them, seeing them grow and develop, it’s very rewarding.”

Frolick Dogs
3208 Colvin St., Alexandria;
Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m –  p.m.,
and Saturday 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Scotland Votes Down Independence, Sticks with U.K.; Police Seek Man Last Seen with Missing UVA Sophomore

By Michael Balderston

Scotland votes to remain apart of the United Kingdom, rejecting independence, in historic referendum
(The Washington Post)

Police search for man that was last seen talking with missing UVA sophomore
(The Washington Post)

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell seeks an acquittal or a new trial to overturn public corruption charges
(The Washington Post)

Arlington and Alexandria show biggest growth in millennials in the country

Arena Stage opens new season with new comedy “The Shoplifters”

September’s By the Numbers

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, September 16th, 2014


Tres Hermanas restaurant in Alexandria

Photo courtesy of Mike Anderson.

The amount of money Mike Anderson spends on 300 tropical plants, including palm trees and banana trees, for Tres Hermanas, the restaurant that replaced Mango Mike’s in July.

Costs also include shipping (renting a tractor trailer from Florida), supplies (full-size backhoe, mulch, white sand) and labor (Anderson, plus a team of five). Catch the 14th annual display of the tropics in Alexandria until December, when the frost destroys the flora. —Stefanie Gans

(September 2014)

UVA student from Fairfax missing; D.C. drivers among the ‘rudest’

By Carten Cordell

UVA student from Fairfax missing in Charlottesville
(The Washington Post)

Survey: District drivers among the ‘rudest’

Virginia lawmakers, Gov. McAuliffe agree on state budget cuts

Severance Faces Court Hearing In Alexandria 

New Stormwater Regulations Could Delay Silver Line Phase 2

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