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It Won’t be Summer for Much Longer: Eat a Whim Pop for Lunch

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Strawberry Whim Pop / Photo by Stefanie Gans

By Stefanie Gans

Being an adult sometimes means making choices that you’re inner child would applaud. And, today, at the Herndon Farmers Market, while you pick up ugly heirloom tomatoes and multi-colored peppers, you should also grab an icy treat from Whim Pop

Owner Maria Romano sources some of the ingredients right from the market and offers insanely low-calorie and low-fat options. (See the nutritional stats binder she keeps at her cart and look up the lime pop.) /  8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; 742 Lynn St., Herndon 

8 Places to Get Your Strawberry (Jam) On

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Grilled Beaver Creek Quail with Pickled Green Strawberries / Courtesy of Robert Wiedmaier/Brabo

By Ariel Yong

Missed the strawberry festivals last weekend? Here’s a list of strawberry inspired foods to get your fix now.

Pickled @ Brabo
For starters, Brabo offers grilled Beaver Creek quail with pickled green strawberries, swiss chard and coriander jus. / Brabo, 1600 King St., Alexandria 

Macerated @ Ashby Inn
End your meal at Ashby Inn with macerated strawberries, ginger-white chocolate ganache and eucalyptus ice cream. /Ashby’s Inn, 692 Federal St., Paris 

Cream Cheese & Carbs @ Brooklyn Bagel
Start the day with strawberry cream cheese on a strawberry bagel at this Arlington bakery. / Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, 2055 Wilson Blvd., Arlington

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The Dessert Issue

It’s OK to want a little nibble, a little lick of sweetness. Another bite. Just one more. Dessert is a time to give in and let cravings take over. Deprivation isn’t good for the soul. Here’s your guide to finding what you really want: Just a little sugar …

By Stefanie Gans with Natalie Manitius • Evan Milberg • Jessica Strelitz • Tammy Tuck



Nutella Pizza
Craving > Nutella
Nutella Pizza

The Junk
Craving > Salt
The Junk

Cookies & Confections
Craving > Childhood Snacks
Cookies & Confections

Butterscotch Pudding
Craving > Pudding
Butterscotch Pudding

Citrus beignets
Craving > Free
Citrus Beignets

Toasted Marshmallow Shake
Craving > Marshmallow
Toasted Marshmallow Shake

blueberry cheesecake poptart
Craving > Breakfast
Blueberry Cheesecake Poptart

Craving > French Toast

Creme Brulee
Craving > Classic
Creme Brulee

Grasshopper Icebox Cake
Craving > Mint
Grasshopper Icebox Cake

Fried cupcakes
Craving > Cupcake
Fried Cupcake

Beer-Battered Apple Rings
Craving > Fruit
Beer-Battered Apple Rings

Mousse au Chocolat aux Preles Croquantes
Craving > Chocolate
Mousse au Chocolat aux Preles Croquantes




Sweet Sips
If you like to pour a drink with your dessert or just want to drink your final course, here’s three releases from local vineyards.

The New Sip for Sweets
From pale ales to stouts, beers make the perfect pairing for desserts.

Vanilla Creme Brulee
Chocolate Custard
Citrus Olive Oil Cake
Rustic Apple Pecan Tart

Googling ‘The Best Irish Coffee in the World’ leads to Vienna.




Absolute Thai

Bayou Bakery
New Orleans
Bayou Bakery

Bombay Café

Cafe Torino & Bakery

Dulce’s Empanada and Bakery

The Happy Tart Bakery

Middle Eastern
Jenin Pastry

Napoleon Bakery

Red Truck Bakery
Red Truck Bakery

French & Lebanese
Silva’s Patisserie

Tango Pastry

Sweet City Desserts

Wandering Zorba Bakery



frozen treats

ice cream

Embrace the Chill
Celebrating the difference between the best of the frozen treats.









The Cr*nut
Northern Virginia Imitates New York City’s Trendiest Pastry.

Dessert on Wheels
On one stretch of road in Arlington,
two food trucks serve the trendiest of desserts: doughnuts.



Caitlin Dysart
Pastry Chef at 2941

Tiffany MacIssac
Pastry Chef for Neighborhood Restaurant Group


(March 2014)



Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted by Stefanie Gans, Dining Editor / Friday, February 14th, 2014

Photo by Stefanie Gans

Creme brulee | Savoir Fare Restaurant | Round Hill

Turkeys, Sides and Desserts: Where to Pick-Up or Dine-Out for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Brent Hofacker /

If turkey-baking and stuffing-making aren’t your thing, Northern Virginia restaurants can help.

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Lick Your Screen: Chocolate Overload Edition

Posted by Stefanie Gans, Dining Editor / Monday, September 9th, 2013

Photo by Stefanie Gans

The aptly named, no hypborle included, Big Ass Chocolate Cake. | Society Fair | Alexandria

MORE | Lick Your Screen

Gearharts Chocolates Peanut Butter Pups

Candy honors companion dogs.

By Lindsey Jenkins


Courtesy of Gearharts Fine Chocolates

Tim Gearhart began his culinary career as a line cook in Kuwait serving 20,000 Marines a day. After leaving the service, Gearhart graduated from culinary school and for the past 12 years owns chocolate shops in Charlottesville and Richmond.

Now that Gearhart has a 4-year-old, he wanted to create a more kid-friendly environment in his stores. “I came up with the idea for a little peanut butter pup,” says Gearhart, who blends Virginia-based Reginald’s Homemade peanut butter into a creamy, sweet filling for the inside of the chocolate candy—with dark chocolate eyes and nose, and toasted almond ears.

Gearhart often donates his creations to local auctions and wanted to use the pups to raise money as well. “We didn’t seem to be getting much traction with places like the SPCA,” says Gearhart, who then found out about Companions For Heroes (C4H).

Air Force vet David Sharpe started C4H after he returned from Pakistan and began to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. The violent outbursts and depression began to take its toll until the day Sharpe met Virginia shelter rescue dog, Cheyenne. The tiny pit bull quickly became Sharpe’s best friend; C4H now helps other vets find their Cheyenne. Five percent of the profits from the peanut butter pups go to the non-profit.

But what’s Gearhart’s son think? “He loves them [but] he doesn’t even want to eat them because they’re so cute.” /


(May 2013)

8 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on the Cheap

Posted by Tim Regan / Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

shutterstock/Anna Lisovskaya

Hearts. Candlelit dinners. Chocolates. Credit card transactions. Don’t you love Valentine’s Day? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips on celebrating Valentine’s Day without emptying out your wallet:

1. Swap dinner for lunch

The dishes may be identical, but are the portion sizes the same? The restaurant industry may never tell, but one thing’s for certain: prices at lunchtime are lower. Instead of a V-Day dinner, meet with your sweetheart for lunch and use your savings to do something really romantic, like paying off a mortgage.

2. Skip the theater, rent a movie

It’s said that movie theaters receive most of their profit from the concessions, but even before you walk through the door, tickets for two will run you $20+. For only $1.20 a day, you can rent a Redbox flick and slum it indoors.

3. Invest in a plant, not just flowers

Why do flowers symbolize love? No matter what you do, they will wilt and die. Why is something so finite the eternal symbol of an unbreakable bond? Instead of a week-long reminder, plant a tree, start a garden or pot a houseplant to symbolize your bond for years to come.

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Thanksgiving Recipe: Pumpkin Rolls

Posted by Jennie Tai / Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Food Desk NoteWelcome to our Thanksgiving reader recipe series. Our team of NoVA food enthusiasts submitted their favorite holiday recipes that we’ll feature throughout the month. Enjoy these dishes perfect for gatherings.

Photo by Kim Owens

Pumpkin Rolls
Submitted by Kim Owens

I am not a fan of pumpkin pie! There, I said it! This is why I make a pumpkin roll instead. It’s delicious and makes a beautiful presentation. It looks complicated but it’s simple to make. It’s usually the talk of the dinner!  So if you are not big on pumpkin pie, try this alternative. You won’t miss that pie!


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(Blind Item) Dessert Raviolis: Let’s Stop This Before It’s a Trend

Posted by Stefanie Gans, Dining Editor / Friday, October 19th, 2012

Photos by Stefanie Gans

Now maybe this isn’t fair. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. But I’m just gonna say it anyway. We must put a stop to dessert raviolis. I’ve eaten two sweet ravs so far. And well, they both were pretty terrible. 

The top photo shows ravs, stuffed with pumpkin, and fried, served with a watery vanilla sauce, a whipped-like cream and garnished with a cinnamon stick, left whole. They were dry and tasteless. These needed a serious dipping sauce. Probably hot fudge. A bit of salt adhered to the crust. Or really, not to exist.

The bottom photo features raviolis filled with under-cooked apples surrounded by a caramel sauce and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Besides the uncomfortable apple texture—not snappy, not soft—a thick layer of powdered cinnamon covered the entire surface. It was like touching an ice cream sandwich covered with sand. (Jersey Shore reference, anyone? Real Jersey Shore, not TV shore, anyway…)

So maybe there are some miraculous versions of dessert raviolis out there, but I haven’t yet been privy to those treats. And because two is a coincidence and not a trend, says trend catalogers,  I want to stop it before this becomes a thing. 

Ravioli, this is a warning. Please refuse your attendance at the dessert table. Only allow butternut squash, pork belly, and of course, any cheese, within your center.  We don’t want you ended up as overextended as bacon. 


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