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Virginia Passed On ‘House Of Cards’; Fairfax machete attack sends 1 to hospital

By Janeé Williams 

Virginia Passed On ‘House Of Cards,’ Citing Incentives, Tax Breaks

Sipping and painting is the new ‘Dinner and a Movie’

Virginia Hospital Center employee charged with rape

Fairfax machete attack sends one to hospital
(Fairfax Times)

Photographs from Former Lives: GMU’s “Windows From Prison” Exhibit

Posted by Editorial / Monday, April 7th, 2014

By Katie Bowles

Logo courtesy of Mark Strandquist.

Quite a few connotations go along with the idea of being in prison, but not many rush to think of the individual prisoners themselves. Students from George Mason University and D.C.’s Duke Ellington School of the Arts are hoping to change the way we think of mass incarceration with their new exhibit “Windows From Prison,” up for viewing today through April 21.

“Windows From Prison” is a project based on a simple question posed to inmates: “If you could have a window in your cell, what place from your past would it look out to?” This was asked of prisoners originally from D.C. who are now incarcerated across the United States (see above logo), and the answers are both moving and telling.

Photo and letter courtesy of Mark Strandquist

GMU and Duke Ellington School students took these responses and created the pictures requested by the prisoners, then mailed them to the inmates. These pictures are now on display on 10-foot banners in the main public square on GMU’s campus.  

Along with the visual display, GMU will also be hosting film screenings, workshops, community forums and other events in order to educate and discuss mass incarceration and its alternatives. 

Head to GMU anytime between now and April 21 to view the photographs. See the full schedule of events here.


Edgy Art in Suburbia: Opening Night for The Bunnyman Bridge Collective

Posted by Editorial / Monday, March 31st, 2014

By Katie Bowles

Bunnyman Bridge Collective Flyer

Flyer courtesy of The Bunnyman Bridge Collective.

Tired of having to travel into D.C. or farther to see new surrealist and non-traditional art? Come to Epicure Café in Fairfax this coming Saturday from 7 p.m. to midnight and check out some local artists that are attempting to break the mold of suburban life. Named for the legendary Bunnyman of Clifton, The Bunnyman Bridge Collective is comprised of local artists Jason Davis, Jessica Kallista and Javier Padilla

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Workout Trends

We rounded up the top local and national fitness trends and put the best to the test. Find out which workout wonders lived up to the hype. —Angela Bobo

Barre Tech

Photo courtesy of Barre Tech.

Equinox Fitness, Tysons Corner;
The Promise:  Tone your body and burn fat with a quick workout using only six targeted moves. The name of the class explains the overall concept: Begin with one move that is repeated for 30 seconds, then repeat the move and add another one for another 30 seconds after. The exercises are repeated by starting from the beginning and ‘stacking’ on another move until you have completed a circuit with all six moves. Class instructor Angela Akl believes that this method is effective because “it combines high-intensity interval training with multi-functional movements to get maximum results. Students can also see the countdown clock which pushes you to be more effective within the time.”

The Verdict:  During the 45-minute class, we actually went through two circuits of six stacked moves. Every class is different, but for this session we completed circuits with dumbbells, weighted sand bags and calisthenics including burpees, starbusts (sort of like exploding jumping jacks) and squats. At first the exercises seemed relatively simple, but after repeating them multiple times we really began to feel a burn. The class was fast paced and any time slacking off or slowing down came to mind the instructor was there to motivate. Knowing that you only have a short amount of time definitely pushes you to be more mindful of the fact that you get out of the class what you put in.  

Online Yoga;;
The Promise:  Yoga studios are available in the NoVA area, but busy schedules and the thought of inevitable traffic makes the thought of booking it to a class after work less than desirable. Enter online yoga, with a variety of sites that promise variety in styles, length and experience level to help you find ‘om’ in your home. Out of the endless options available we narrowed it down to three popular sites that take completely different approaches to the practice: ($18/month), ($20/month) and (free).

The Verdict:  Yogaglo is a great option for those that crave a studio environment, as all of the videos are shot during actual classes. We appreciate the detailed instructions from the teachers and the ability to view the adjustments made on other students to help adjust yourself in the poses accordingly. Dirtyyogaco is for people that want to forego the spiritual nature of yoga and get straight to the point. No class is longer than 40 minutes and every class is filmed against a white background and taught by the same instructor. While we appreciate the time crunch, we miss the flowing mind/body connectivity of traditional yoga. Doyogawithme is a go-to for those nights when you want to unwind. All of the classes are set against soothing scenic backgrounds, and with an extensive selection for free this is definitely something a dedicated yogi can rely on.

Orange Theory Fitness

Photo courtesy of Orange Theory Fitness.

Orange 60
OrangeTheory Fitness, Fairfax (Arlington opening Spring/Summer 2014);
The Promise:  The Orange 60 workout aims to increase energy and burn up to 900 calories a session through heart-rate based interval training, indoor rowing and weight training blocks. The class is also built around group fitness and the idea that camaraderie and accountability will drive you to work your hardest during every session. Head trainer Reginald Williams Jr. relies on this workout because it “caters towards all different types of fitness in one room, utilizing the coach to make sure you are completing the moves correctly and the technology so that you are getting the proper dose of exercise and not overtraining or undertraining.”

The Verdict:  We attended the class with the mindset that we probably were going to work harder in this one-hour class than all week long. Before the class began we were all given heart-rate monitors that displayed our activity on a screen in front of us. It seemed a tad intimidating at first, but once we got into the swing of things it was really comforting to look up and see the validation of all of our hard work being displayed. The exercises were challenging, but small groups rotated frequently between cardio, strength and power to prevent us from dwelling on any moves to the point where they felt unbearable. At the end of the hour we burned almost 500 calories and were extremely energized and eager to come back and one-up the numbers.

Barre Tech

Photo courtesy of Barre Tech.

Barre 60
Barre Tech, Alexandria and
The Promise:  This one hour class draws on the foundation of building strength and lean muscles the same way that a dancer would. The method blends the ballet barre, pilates and yoga in intervals of working and stretching. Each exercise uses isometrics, or small controlled movements, to effectively work and tire out even the smallest muscles. Barre Tech is unique because owner Amy Barnes has created a formula that syncs movements with specific music to facilitate a better performance. “You find yourself working harder, lasting longer and getting better at the technique. My combination has a unique series of reps. People find it more challenging than other barre scenes,” she says. Barre is a great option for those who want a low-impact workout that delivers maximum results. With consistent attendance, increased stamina and endurance can be seen in as little as two weeks, with physical changes becoming present around four weeks.

The Verdict:  We have to admit, we assumed this class would be easy because of the description. We were wrong. The barre method is quite deceptive and under the guise of graceful ballet movements is serious strength and effort. Within the first three minutes of the warm-up (which included a plank series), we were drenched in sweat and seriously considering if we could finish the class. But with Barnes’ encouragement and by zoning out to the beat of the music, we were able to work through the thigh wobbling and muscle burning with a feeling of success and accomplishment at the end. Despite feeling like our muscles were exhausted during class, recovery was quite smooth and we felt minimal soreness.

(March 2014)

Sales and News: New & Coming Soon

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Photo courtesy of Herban Lifestyle.

Hip to Be Round
The maternity retailer is expanding from its flagship location in Richmond to the up-and-coming Mosaic District. Specializing in functional and washable moderate-to-high-end maternity apparel, expectant and new mothers can find workwear, nursing wear, weekend classics, diaper bags and more. The second location is expected to open this month.

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This Week’s Top Fashion and Beauty Events

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

By Taylor Ness

photo courtesy of Whitney Stringer PR

This Friday March 14 all are welcome to visit the new Hollin Hall location of 529 Kids Consign for a ‘Shop and See’ event. From 4-6 p.m. guests can enjoy drinks and desserts, while shopping the new merchandise with discounts up to 25 percent off. Don’t miss out on this awesome shopping event for the whole family.


Get Fit NUMARI Medalase event
Photo courtesy of NUMARI.

Head over to Medalase in Fairfax Corner on Saturday, March 15 at noon for a day created especially for you. NUMARI‘s specialized women’s wear is always custom-made and now you can combine it with personalized skin and fitness care. Preview the local brand’s spring offerings, while enjoying complimentary mini-facials and a consultation with Dr. Shannon Ginnan. This VIP experience is RSVP only so make sure that you email to reserve your spot today.


Liner Notes: The Making of the Dessert Issue, on Newsstands Now

Posted by Editorial / Friday, March 7th, 2014

By Stefanie Gans

When I pitched the dessert issue to my editor and publisher I didn’t imagine a night where I would skip dinner and instead eat three different desserts at three different restaurants in two different towns. My publisher joked he wanted to weigh me before and after I finished working on this sugar-bomb cover story. I laughed at the time. But then I woke up after my dessert binge and still felt sick. The life of a food writer isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. 

What I ended up finding across Northern Virginia—a fried cupcake in Fairfax, a perfect chocolate mousse in Woodbridge, a pile of pretzels and popcorn with melted dark chocolate ganache (called The Junk) in Mosaic District‘s Angelika Film Center & Cafe—made up for my prolonged upset stomach. A pastry chef is an endangered species in the slim-profit restaurant world, but even in places where a chef pulls savory and sweet duty, there’s a lot to be grateful for on the chocolate side of the menu. Even at the movie theater.    

Tips to Get Your Pet’s Groom On


Photo courtesy of Mallinka1/

By Janeé Williams

Getting your dog groomed can be a uneasy process for you and your pet. Your dog can become uncomfortable when a stranger tries to come near it’s body or face with a razor, stopping the grooming process all together. It is important as a pet owner that you know what you can do to make sure your dog has the best grooming experience possible. Megan Craig, a certified groomer at Affectionate Pet Care, offers her best tips for great grooming experience.

NVM: How can you prepare your dog for the grooming process?

Photo courtesy of

MC: “One way to prepare your dog for grooming is to familiarize them with some of the sensations they might experience during grooming. Something as simple as regularly touching your dog’s feet, face, and ears can go a long way. Another way is to exercise your dog by taking it for a walk or run, or by visiting a dog park or doggy daycare. This will help the dog be more relaxed and calm for grooming, making it a much more enjoyable process for the dog.”

NVM: What will my dogs first grooming experience be like?

MC: “Your dog’s first groom will probably just include a bath, nail trim, and a small amount of hair trimming, as well as some time getting used to the dryer. Depending on the comfort level of your dog, there may be no trimming involved, and the groomer may instead choose to hold the hair clippers next to the dog while the clippers are on, helping the dog get use to the sound of vibrations. The groomer may also try to do a small amount of trimming around the eyes and face of the dog in order to get the dog accustomed to having scissors around the face.”

NVM: What’s another way to help produce a stress-free environment for your dog?

MC: “Reduce the amount of matting that your dog has. To prevent matting, it is important that you brush both the top layer of your dog’s coat, as well as the hair closer to the skin. Keep in mind that certain dogs’ coats tend to develop mats more quickly than other dogs. Dogs such as Huskies and Shepherds, or any breed of dog that has a double coat, can have a lot of undercoat to brush out. To be sure that there is no matting developing, you can also run a comb through the dog’s hair. If you are unsure of which brushes and combs you should use, your groomer can give you suggestions on which would be best suited for your dog’s particular coat.”

NVM: How often should you get your dog groomed?

MC: “Most groomers suggest you have your dog groomed every 6-12 weeks, depending on your dog’s type of coat and your desired coat length. “

With these suggestions, you can ensure your dog will have the best grooming experience possible. Visit your local groomer and find out what is the best grooming experience for your dog.

Affectionate Pet Care
3851 Pickett Road
Fairfax, 22031 (703) 250-5233


VRE trains canceled in Manassas; Jury duty phone scam occurring in Arlington

By Katie Bowles

VRE trains in Manassas canceled after person was struck and killed
(Washington Post)

Jury duty phone scam affecting Arlington residents

Winter weather advisory in effect until noon
(Washington Post)

Woman accused of murder in Sterling will undergo another mental evaluation
(Loudoun Times)

Verdict reached in Fairfax road rage killing


21-year-old entrepreneur takes on NoVA

By Anjelica Michael 

Hayes Organization Solutions

Photo courtesy of Brandon Hayes.


In October 2013, Hayes Organization Solutions was born out of 21-year-old Brandon Hayes‘ Fairfax apartment. “I’ve always been an organized person” said Hayes. “When I started working with friends and family and organizing their homes, a friend recommended I start my own business.”

As part of a generation of budding entrepreneurs, Hayes took the next step and put his dream into motion. 

Brandon Hayes of Hayes Organization Solutions.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Hayes.

A Michigan native and George Mason University student, Hayes saw there was a market for home organization and decided to pursue it, forming his own before even graduating. We talked to Hayes to learn more about his business, and what makes it different from the competition. 

“We can do anything from just going into your closet and color-coordinating your clothes, to a whole closet redo,” Hayes said. “It’s all about functionality and easy access. Each time we go into a home it is different, because it is specific to what a customer wants. Catering to the individual is what its about.” Hayes said that he wants his team to get to know a client before any work is done to evaluate works best for them and their every-day lifestyle. 

When asked if he feels like his age plays a role in his business, Hayes laughed and said, “Of course people take it into consideration. But I notice all the ever-changing trends in homes. I notice what works and what doesn’t.”

But despite starting a business when many of his contemporaries are worried about graduation, Hayes is confident in his abilities.

“I’m serious about what I do, and I am in someone’s home to do a good job. Not everyone starts a business at 40.”

Keeping on trend and up to date with new tools are important, but Hayes says it goes beyond that. He always tells clients with kitchen organization projects to go grocery shopping beforehand, so he can see the products they use on a regular basis and work that into the organizational design of the space.

“I like to incorporate style into the space,” he said. “If I go into a space and organize it without knowing the person, sure, it will look nice and trendy, but it won’t work. It needs to be personalized to their daily routine.” 

So why start the business in NoVA and not his native Michigan? “There are a lot of homes and businesses and everyone is on the go.” Hayes pointed out that people in Northern Virginia want the perfect home, and with perfection comes organization.

Even if you are on a budget, Hayes said there are solutions that are wallet-safe, ” You can find a lot of things at Target or on Amazon that are nice and inexpensive.”

In the end, Hayes just wants people to be happy in their homes with spaces that they are comfortable in. “I’m looking to create a perfect plan that fits their needs.” 

For more about Hayes Organization Solutions, visit its website at







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