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Route 50 to change for the better; Blue Line riders seeing Red

By Jessica Godart

Changes To Metro’s Blue Line Schedule Leaves Some Commuters Seeing Red

Route 50 conditions to improve by Spring 2015

Malaysia flight bodies to be sent home Wednesday
(ABC News

New map of Mars most complete geologic map seen
(The Washington Post)

Fearing the Beast

Posted by Editorial / Monday, July 21st, 2014

A story of isolated terror, “Abominable” takes audiences on a journey of how fear can strike any of us, at any time. –Shelby Robinson

‘Abominable’ by Helen Pafumi.

Photo courtesy of The Hub Theatre.

Sterling resident, Helen Pafumi wrote the first draft of “Abominable” to explore the destructive behavior exhibited by the son of her friend after his parent’s divorce. But the countrywide terror caused by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary hijacked Pafumi’s play, leading her to transformed it into an exploration of the potential affects bullying has on an individual and on a community.

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Eat Up, Cool Down

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

5 Cool Summer Treats

Photo by Jonathan Timmes

Pool parties and “Dexter” marathons aren’t the only ways to catch a chill this summer. Go beyond popsicles and take a global tour of summer treats. —Mary Kong-DeVito

Che Thai @ Song Que
Che Thai is an edible, slurpable treat that bears resemblance to a parfait, a McFlurry and bubble tea all at once. This Vietnamese take on a Thai dessert is a fun creation, put together from an array of ingredients including green pandan jelly, like Jello-O but firmer with a delightful snap; ebony-colored grass jelly, which is soft and lightly lavender-flavored; sweet corn pudding; red pomegranate seeds and more. Topped with crushed ice, half-and-half and a choice of fresh fruits—soft jackfruit, sweet longans, crunchy water chestnuts or juicy lychees—che Thai makes a hot afternoon bearable. Eat it with a spoon or extra-wide straw, both provided. / 6769 Wilson Blvd., Falls Church


Lucuma Ice Cream @ TropQ Creamery
TropQ makes over 50 flavors of ice cream with base ingredients sourced locally. With a focus on exotic Latin and Asian fruits, one of TropQ’s most interesting flavors comes from Peru. Look for the bright Creamsicle-like color and ask for lucuma, pronounced “LOO-koo-mah.” The fruit, a papaya look-alike, is green on the outside, but reveals a golden flesh on the inside that’s bursting with thick caramel flavors. Its rich color is due to an abundance of beta carotene, iron and other superfood powers, so naturally, you should have an extra scoop. / 721 E. Main St., Purcellville


New Zealand Classic Pavlova @ Cassatt’s Kiwi Café
It is said that when Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova toured Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s, a teacake was created in her honor, resembling the gossamer petticoats the prima ballerina wore in “Swan Lake.” The Pavlova cake, with whispery layers of fresh fruit, meringue and cream, is just as light. No one knows definitively which country it originates from, and much like Russell Crowe, both countries have laid claim to it, each declaring it their national dish. / 4536 Lee Highway, Arlington


Ube @ Bistro 7107
Ube is a purple yam indigenous to Asia and popular in the Philippines. Like Prince, it sports a bold violet color that is hard to miss, and just like the provocative singer, ube isn’t afraid to bare its flesh. Similar to a sweet potato, ube’s sugar content is ideal for making desserts. At Bistro 7107, the root vegetable is blended with coconut milk, chilled and formed into ube jalaya, a vibrant, rich cake with a texture not unlike flourless chocolate cake. / 513 23rd St. S, Arlington


Firnee @ Mazadar
A traditional Persian dish usually prepared for religious and special occasions, firnee is simple custard—alabaster-white yet colorfully fragrant—made fresh with milk, cornstarch and sugar, then chilled. With spicy, citrus notes of cardamom, it’s silky and lighter than creme brulee, with the delicate crunch of crushed pistachios. / 11725 Lee Highway, Fairfax

(July 2014)

Luke Frazier

Fairfax Symphony Orchestra’s New Principal Pops Conductor


Luke Frazier, Fairfax Symphony Orchestra’s New Principal Pops Conductor

Photo courtesy of Luke Frazier.

“We all know young people with old souls and older people who are young at heart—what matters to me is that I approach my work with genuine passion and a want to connect with audiences,” Luke Frazier says. Not yet 30, Frazier is joining the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra this season as the ensemble’s new Principal Pops Conductor. Don’t be deceived by this conductor’s (lack of) years, however. He has quite a bit of experience in the professional music world under his belt.

In the past two years alone, Frazier opened the Chinese Lunar New Year Parade in New York City, directed EGOT-winning Rita Moreno in a Presidential Inauguration celebration at the Kennedy Center, founded the National Broadway Chorus and conducted the Reston Chorale. A triple threat of sorts, he holds a Bachelor of Music in piano performance from West Virginia University and a Master of Music in conducting from Ohio University. He also accompanies groups on piano and conducts both vocal and instrumental ensembles.

Luke Frazier, Fairfax Symphony Orchestra’s New Principal Pops Conductor

Photo courtesy of Luke Frazier.

“Both genres [vocal and instrumental] inform and enhance each other, especially in my area of conducting when so many of my programs involve vocalists.”

The area of conducting Frazier refers to is “Pops”—lighter, more widely-known pieces played by high-level groups. He hopes to involve audiences in his shows by integrating both traditional and nontraditional elements to the performances: “I’m a classically trained musician, so that can’t help but influence and inform the shows I’ve created. However, my musical background is quite diverse—I’ve conducted everything from Mozart to Motown, Bach to Broadway. I have designed shows for every demographic and consciously try to connect this work to everyday life. I want my programs to be engaging experiences rather than passive or simply listening [experiences]. That was the reasoning behind adding projections, modern dance and DJs within my symphonic work.” 

One of the new shows that Frazier is adding to the FSO’s repertoire is “I’ll Be Seeing You,” a love story based on letters written during World War II that Frazier discovered in his grandmother’s home. “The music of the 1940s is very personal for me. My grandmother taught me from a young age to love that music.” This performance will feature recognizable songs from the World War II era by Gershwin, Ellington and more.  

This performance and the band’s other offerings throughout the 2014-2015 season will garner even more fans for the FSO, Frazier hopes. “I think that my work will compliment [the FSO’s] traditional classical programming, attracting audiences that, up until now, may not have been inclined to have an orchestral experience. To reach this audience, my programs are thoughtfully put together and musically fulfilling, while offering tunes that are quite familiar to most audiences. Today there are many options out there for entertainment—I’d like to influence those options with experiences that matter.” —Katie Bowles

(July 2014)

Plan out the Rest of July with These Fun Happenings

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Photo courtesy of Justin Alexander Bridal

Bloomingdale’s and Clinique will introduce the ‘Smart Custom-Repair Serum‘ on July 15. In the hot days of summer our skin undergoes some serious damage, the serum targets both  the surface and beneath the skin to better attack those problem spots. The benefit of it’s double penetration is that it targets the source of uneven skin tone, dark spots, lines, wrinkles and more. Pricing starts as low as $59 and is available at your local Bloomingdale’s.

Heading to Haymarket for some wedding dress shopping? Make sure to stop by Blush Bridal Boutique as they host an exclusive trunk show unveiling Justin Alexander‘s Spring 2015 line from July 25 – 27. Meet with trained bridal consultants and have a chance to inquire about any styling tips from the acclaimed designer for the line, Jose Dias,  who will be in the boutique July 25-26 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and July 27 from 12-4 p.m. Any brides making purchases at the event will receive a special gift valued at $150. Set up your appointment today for this limited time opportunity. 

It is a season for giving at The Nest Egg in Fairfax - a retailer for home furnishings and decorative accents will be donating a portion of upholstered furniture purchase orders with LEE Industries during the month of July to Journey 4 A Cure in Ashburn. LEE Industries, a North Carolina based furniture manufacturer, launched a new initiative in January 2014 ‘LEE L♥ves America – Giving Back‘ to promote supporting businesses in local communities. For more information check out their website dedicated to help support the movement.

Keep your eye out for a different type of red-and-white stripes when heading to Old Town Alexandria where a ‘Where’s Waldo’ event hosted by Hooray for Books! will be held along with 25 participating local businesses until July 31. To participate in the search for Waldo print out the ‘Find Waldo Passport‘ or visit Hooray for Books! to get one. The first 125 people to get their passport stamped or signed 10 or more times can win a prize at Hooray for Books! Those that get 20 or more can enter in a grand prize drawing where the winner will be announced at the ‘Where’s Waldo Party‘ at Hooray for Books! on July 31 at 6 p.m. 

Chuy’s: Hound Dogs, Elvis Presley and a Free Nacho Bar Coming Soon to Fairfax

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Chuy's Free Nacho Bar / Courtesy of Kianne Hilburn

By Ariel Yong

Chuy’s, the Texas-based restaurant chain is opening its first location in Northern Virginia late next month. And what’s on the menu? A free nacho bar in the trunk of an old car.

“We take the back end of a classic car and convert it into a build-your-own nacho bar,” says Kainne Hilburn, Chuy’s marketing manager for the southeast region. “It’s totally free from Monday through Friday, 4 to 7 p.m. It includes chips, sirloin, our queso and salsa fresca. It’s a good little treat that compliments happy hour.”

There is no minimum purchase required to partake in the free nacho bar. Hilburn says people can make themselves a plate of nachos to eat in the lobby while they’re waiting for their table.

So what prevents people from eating free nachos and leaving without paying for a meal?

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Outdoor Summer Film Festivals

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

See the stars under the stars at these outdoor film festivals happening almost every night this month. –Janeé Williams

5 Outdoor Summer Film Fesitivals in Northern Virginia

Photo courtesy of Tomas Skopal/

Rosslyn Outdoor Film Festival
This year’s theme, Working for the Weekend, features movies about work: “The Internship” July 11; “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” July 18; and “Up in the Air” July 25. At dusk.

Lake Anne Summer Film Festival
Lake Anne hosts themed movies every second Sunday. This month go back to high school with “The Breakfast Club” July 13.

Crystal Screen: In Flight
Crystal City takes to the skies with a plane-themed movie every Monday night at sunset. This month catch “Hot Shots!” July 7; “Up in the Air” July 14; “Con Air” July 21; and “Iron Eagle” July 28.

Comcast Film Fest
Enjoy family fun with “Despicable Me 2” July 18, and an action flick with “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” July 19.

Films in the Park
Films show every Friday in Strawberry Park with a new series each month. This month, the All American Series: “The Rookie” July 4; “Apollo 13” July 11; “JOBS” July 18; and “Captain America” July 25.

Check out more outdoor movies this summer here.

(July 2014)

Twinpanzee Brewing Company Will Try to Bring Craft Beer to the College Set + Free Tasting Preview this Saturday

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

By Ariel Yong

“The first time I had my first true craft beer [a Sam Adams lager] was while I was a student at George Mason and I always thought it would be cool if one of the over-21 students gets introduced to really good beer by trying one of our brews,” says Antonio Maradiaga, which is why Maradiaga is scouting for space for his upcoming brewery, Twinpanzee Brewing Company, near his alma matter. 

Born and raised in Fairfax County, the GMU alum studied English and psychology and wanted to be an elementary school teacher. But after building his computer skills during graduate school, Maradiaga switched to a career as an IT developer. He started home brewing in 2008 and relied on feedback from his family and friends while coming up with recipes. After sitting around one evening and drinking one of his home brews with his wife, the couple entertained the idea of doing it full time.

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Not a Fan of the Fourth? We’ve Got You Covered With 5 Alternative Weekend Plans

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

TNT Bar on Columbia Pike. Photo courtesy of Eat Good Food Group.

By Kate Masters

Independence Day may be filled with fairs, fireworks and festivities, but some people just can’t handle the fizzle of firecrackers or the influx of festal families. If pyrotechnics aren’t your thing and you’ve never been able to pull off red, white and blue, try one of our alternative weekend plans, specifically conceived to help you avoid the patriotic crowds.


Karaoke at Cafe Chocolate

Anything but average, Cafe Chocolate in Annandale offers a taste of the East on a day otherwise filled with red, white and blue. The bar rents out private karaoke rooms for $30 to $50 an hour, and groups can belt out their favorite hits in English or Korean. Summon staff with a buzzer built into the room and stock up on soju, a vodka-like Korean liquor, or try a few orders of fusion dishes like kimbap or kimchi fried rice. The restaurant also offers hookahs and a separate room for smokers who like to indulge indoors. While firecrackers may light up the sky inside, Cafe Chocolate provides a temporary ticket to a country far from the USA.

 Cafe Chocolate
7129 Little River Turnpike, Annandale

Patriotic Punch at TNT Bar

Sister bar to the ultra-hip PX in Old Town Alexandria, TNT Bar in Arlington offers a trendy alternative to the usual Fourth of July pub rush. Though it’s closed the day of, TNT will reopen on Saturday for a belated celebration, offering bourbon-based “patriotic punches” in addition to its regular lineup of rock-n-roll-inspired cocktails. The punch flows for $4 a glass during the bar’s happy hour (5 to 7:44 p.m.—don’t ask), and it’s worth stopping by for an early indulgence to avoid the big-ticket prices later in the evening. No, your night out won’t actually fall on the Fourth, but there’s nothing hipper than running fashionably late.

 TNT Bar
2413 Columbia Pike, Arlington

Catch a Flick at the Angelika Film Center

Housed in Fairfax’s burgeoning Mosaic District, the Angelika Film Center is the perfect place to hide away from typical Fourth of July festivities. The boutique cinema screens independent and specialty films, and its Independence Day lineup runs the genre gamut. A screening of Snowpiercer, a post-apocalyptic odyssey from renowned Korean filmmaker Bong Joon Ho, closely follows a showing of Begin Again, a gentle romantic comedy starring Keira Knightly as an aspiring folk singer. If there must be a patriotic flair to your evening, try to catch the 11:45 screening of Coming to America, Eddie Murphy’s 1988 comedy about an African prince looking for love in the USA. Part of the Angelika’s weekly after-hours series, tickets to the flick only run $7.

Angelika at Mosaic
2911 District Ave., Fairfax

Soar High at Flight

If you have lofty expectations for Independence Day, you just might find satisfaction at Flight, an indoor trampoline park in Springfield. The facility is open all weekend, and it’s the perfect place to release some pent-up energy while enjoying a less-stereotypical observance of the Declaration of Independence. The park sets aside time for kids-only jumping from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., while grown-ups can burn off July 4 barbecue bellies with a boot camp trampoline workout on Saturday from 9 to 10 a.m. Take advantage of the Fourth of July festivities and head to the park later on Friday, when most of Northern Virginia will be transfixed by pyrotechnic displays.

Flight Trampoline Park
7200 Fullerton Road, Springfield

Try an Art Camp for Grown-Ups

The Nats may battle the Cubs every day this weekend, but you can avoid beer stands and brats with a grown-up art camp from the Del Ray Artisans. On July 5, unleash your arty side with an all-day drawing marathon from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Coordinated by local artist Ricardo Pontes, the event allows aspiring Vermeers to drop in and out of the gallery, sketching from nude models or still life displays. Your painting might not incorporate red, white, and blue, but you will leave the studio with a one-of-a-kind work of art. Pre-register for the event with a $25 advance fee, or show up at the door for a $35 admission.

Del Ray Artisans
2704 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria

Northern Virginians of the Year

The future of Northern Virginia is one that will focus on how we interact with our children and the life lessons we teach them now.

This year all of our Northern Virginians of the Year have given back to the future of Northern Virginia. From science and social mentoring programs for girls, art classes for juvenile criminals and safety programs for children who fell victim to sexual abuse to online activism to stop bullying and mentoring our children to “be fierce”, here are our honorees who are making our community a place that will continue to grow.

Written by Lynn Norusis, Tim Regan and Angela Bobo / Photography by Aaron Spicer, Jonathan Timmes and Deborah Cerulli.


Northern Virginians of the Year: Danielle Blunt

Photo by Aaron Spicer.

 Danielle Blunt


Northern Virginians of the Year: Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Photo by Aaron Spicer.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick


Northern Virginians of the Year: Bootsie Humenansky, Bridget Rainey and Denise Balzano

Photo courtesy of Deborah Cerulli.

Denise Balzano, Bridget Rainey and Bootsie Humenansky


Northern Virginians of the Year: Viraj Puri

Photo by Aaron Spicer.

   Viraj Puri


Northern Virginians of the Year

Photo by Jonathan Timmes.

Martina Hone


Northern Virginians of the Year: Angela Fox

Photo by Jonathan Timmes.

Angela Fox


(June 2014)

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