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Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, June 25th, 2010

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(Image: The Next Web)

Believe it or not, I uncovered a few tweets this week that not include the terms #USA, #WorldCup or sexually suggestive offers to personally “thank” Landon Donovan for his last-minute score.

The praise-worthy gastropeeps include:

* Culinary counselors @NPR (via @FoodNewsJournal) and @aboutdotcom (via @LAFoodie) for spinning everyday greens into dining gold;

* Media observers Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) and @WaffleW for deftly weaving food and politics into rhetorical fun (you listening, #TopChefDC ?);

* Fearless gourmand Ian Knauer (@iknauer) for grabbing grocery shopping by the short and curlys;

* Alimentary aesthete Daniel Patterson (@dcpatterson) for hailing the lyrical beauty of genuine food prose;  and,

* Intergalactic first mate @Nien-Nunb for finally speaking the truth to power.

Just wanted to let you all know that your fleeting thoughts made a lasting impression. Keep up the good work.


Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, February 5th, 2010


(Image: Etiole)

As you can imagine, the latter part of this week has been dominated by feverish #snowpocalypse/#snOMG/#Snogasm coverage:

* @delrayser and Postie Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) for taking stocking up with a grain of salt;

* Food scribe Addie Broyles (@broylesa) for turning winter warnings into a call for culinary action;

* The Globe and Mail (via @FoodNewsJournal) for reminding us that culinary genius is often a group effort;

* Robyn Eckhardt (@EatingAsia) for using her noodle and focusing on the hands that feed us;

* Cheflebrity stalker @rdpeyton for keeping his head on a swivel;

* Asylum (@Asylumdotcom) for showcasing a heart-pumping grocery run; and,

* Tongue-in-cheek troubadour John Mayer (@johncmayer) for unabashedly embracing his cereal killer-dom.

The Interweb is like a snark buffet.