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Woman attempts to smuggle heroin through kiss; D.C.’s cat cafe spurs increase in adoptions

By Robyn Smith

Woman attempts to smuggle heroin through kiss

D.C.’s first cat cafe spurs increase in adoptions

Hundreds gather for vigil for Herndon teens

Mysterious fungus reducing rattlesnake population

Silver line train offloads due to brake problem
(The Washington Post)

A Southern-inspired—and pork-free—menu at hookah bar Nomad Grill

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Nomad Grill Herndon

Photo courtesy of Nomad Grill.

By Mia Finley

Fusion takes on a whole new level as chef David Conn takes over the kitchen of Herndon’s Nomad Grill. Here, Southern classics meet North African and Moroccan spices in a hookah bar setting.

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One NoVA school, 117 valedictorians; Iran nuclear deal is set

By Raquel DeSouza

Washington and Lee High School in Arlington had 117 valedictorians out of a class of 457
(The Washington Post)

A man tried to grab a girl waiting at a Herndon school bus stop
(NBC Washington)

Pentagon may remove policies banning transgender people from serving in the military

NASA gets a look at Pluto today from the New Horizons spacecraft
(USA Today)

Iran nuclear deal reached; Obama touts agreement 

Trending: School’s Out

Posted by Carten Cordell / Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Kidwell Barn

Kidwell Barn. Photo courtesy of Don Sweeney FCPA.

For nine months, order was maintained. Routines were followed, homework done and everyone had a job to do.

For 75 percent of the year, you know where your children are during the day: school. It’s that blissful period where their energies are focused and curiosity quenched.

Now that June is here, we’ve entered a wild land. Summer is here, school is out and the natives of your home are restless.

They’ve got energy, and you’ve got sanity to burn. Here are a few activities that will take care of both.

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Turn down the heat this Memorial Day with these 11 cool commemorations

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Memorial Day Events in Northern Virginia

Photo courtesy of Olga_Phoenix/


By Emily Cook

Spend your long weekend feasting on crawfish, unwinding to the sound of smooth jazz and honoring our armed forces at distinguished monuments. You won’t even have to cross the 14th Street bridge.

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Tour de Joe: Bike shops open with coffee drinkers in mind

Posted by Editorial / Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

The old-school combo of bicycling and coffee drinking gains modern momentum. –Nicole Bayne

Veloville USA

Veloville USA / Photo by Erick Gibson.

Veloville USA

“The Tour de France always starts with an espresso,” says Nicole Davison. The owner of the bike and coffee shop Veloville USA (velo means bike in French) references pictures from several historical archives of riders throughout Tour de France’s history photographed in coffee shops before the big race; caffeine happens to be a stimulant not banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Veloville USA

Veloville USA / Photo by Erick Gibson.

“Coffee and biking go together,” says Davison. “This is a secret cyclists have known for generations, and it is finally becoming mainstream.”

Though the opening of bike and coffee stores is just beginning in Northern Virginia, the concept is far from new. Studies determining caffeine’s enhancement of athletic performances have been conducted for years: Ingesting caffeine before and after races has been proven to help athletes, and most bikers consider this common knowledge.

Today, these dual bike and coffee stores can be found out West in states like California, Colorado and Oregon, but they are also moving east to Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Carolina and now Northern Virginia.

“The first coffee and bike shops started because owners of bicycle stores noticed their customers always hanging out at the local coffee house,” says Davison. “They began offering coffee as an incentive for people to stay longer.”

This also became a pragmatic solution to constitute a well-rounded business with coffee bringing in customers in cold-weather months.

“You’re going to see it permeate this area,” says Davison, who opened her shop in Purcellville last April. “Whether you’re a cyclist or a racer or you just want to get out and enjoy nice weather, you’ll be drawn to this lifestyle.”

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Posted by Stefanie Gans, Dining Editor / Friday, May 1st, 2015


For: Indian

Aangan restaurant in Herndon

Photo by Stefanie Gans.

332 Elden St., Herndon

The room is long and dim with flatscreens turned to Indian music videos, the volume up. On a cold night this winter, the restaurant was mostly empty. Don’t take that as a sign.

Brought to the table first are papadum and spiced, pickled carrots, the latter a more unusual complimentary starter. The Amritsari fish is surrounded by chickpea flour batter flavored with cumin and hot chili powders, which lend a salty, crispy crunch to the tender fish.

A gorgeous burgundy-colored sauce coats chunks of baby goat. The bone-in meat sways between tender and chewy and is worth it for the deeply meaty gravy alone. Kofta—made with potato, carrot and cauliflower compressed into a ball and stuffed with spinach and paneer and then fried—is a bit tough, and tough to eat, but the cloak of creamy tomato sauce keeps the dish going. The standard dal makhani takes on an extraordinary smoky flavor making it one of my favorite versions of one of my favorite dishes.

(April 2015)

10 Things to Take the Kids to in May

Posted by Editorial / Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Edited by Victoria Gaffney


Space Day at National Air and Space Museum

Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Institute.

1Space Day at National Air and Space Museum
This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first space walk, and visitors get to experience hands-on activities, learn from experts and talk with astronauts and members of NASA. Also, Richard Paul and Steven Moss, authors of “We Could Not Fall: The First African American in the Space Program,” will be present and have a book signing. / May 2

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10 Things to Take the Kids to in March

Posted by Editorial / Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Edited by Sophia Rutti

‘National Treasure’ Tour at Mount Vernon

Photo courtesy of George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

1‘National Treasure’ Tour
Explore Mount Vernon with a modern twist: Go behind the scenes to see the locations that appeared in the 2007 film “National Treasure: Book of Secrets.” Get a full dose of American history with a dash of Hollywood. The tour is $5 plus general admission, which is $17 for adults and $9 for children. / Throughout March


2015 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Photo courtesy of Ballyshaners.

22015 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a parade that is going to bring out the Irish green in Alexandria. The day will start with a classic car show and a dog show before the parade begins.  This year’s theme is “The Women of Ireland.” / March 7 


3‘Flights of Fancy’
Throughout March // Listen to a reading of a children’s story in the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum next to the SR-71 Blackbird in the Boeing Aviation Hangar every Tuesday and Wednesday. The story will be read twice a day and will be followed by an exciting, hands-on activity for visitors aged 2-8. /


Northern Virginia Teen Book Festival

Photo courtesy of Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

4Northern Virginia Teen Book Festival
Let the young adult fiction-reading nerd in you come out for the day and enjoy a local event with more than 20 YA authors. There will be author panels and breakout sessions as well as a keynote speech from Matt de la Pena, author of “The Living.” Be sure to bring a pen and get your books signed, and when you’re all fiction-ed out, go and enjoy everything Arlington has to offer. / March 7


‘Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo’

Photo courtesy of The Alden.

5‘Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo’
An exciting spoof on classical ballet, this all-male cast is a wild departure from traditional productions. Have dinner in McLean then go and watch male ballerinas dance en pointe and both mock and exemplify their own art form. Tickets range from $45-50. / March 5


‘The Secret Garden’ at NextStop Theater

Photo courtesy of Steve Lvegrove/

6‘The Secret Garden’
Enjoy a hauntingly beautiful storyline with the music to match in NextStop Theatre’s “The Secret Garden.” This musical centers on an orphaned child who is sent to live with her reclusive uncle on his vast and empty Yorkshire estate. There, she beings to understand her family’s past. Appropriate for all audiences. Tickets start at $34. / March 26 through mid-April


Star Gazing at Great Meadows

Photography by Robert Banner.

7Star Gazing at Great Meadows
Get out of the suburban smog for a few hours and gaze up at the stars in picturesque Great Meadows park. The Northern Virginia Astronomy Club will provide telescopes so the whole family can enjoy a close-up view of the night sky. / March 14


Old Town Farmers’ Market in Alexandria

Photo courtesy of Cade Martin for Visit Alexandria.

8Old Town Farmers’ Market in Alexandria
Spring is coming, so wake up early and head out to the oldest farmers market in the country. Enjoy fresh seasonal produce, baked goods, cut-flower stands and crafts. Afterward, enjoy old town Alexandria, get some brunch and let the day take you from there. /  Saturdays year-round


Herndon Kids’ Trout Fishing Derby

Photo courtesy of Herndon Parks and Rec Department.

9Kids’ Trout Fishing Derby
Bring out your inner sportsman and get fishin’. You can learn how to bait, cast, hook and cook your freshly caught dinner. If you’re not the fishing sort, bring a picnic and relax away from the action while the anglers learn their new trade. Advanced purchase tickets are $6, or you can purchase them for $10 the day of. / March 14


Cherry Blossom Kite Festival

Photography by Eric Long.

10Blossom Kite Festival
Watch creative and colorful kites take flight during the National Cherry Blossom Festival and pick your favorites. Check out the competition and demonstration field to see some fancy kite flying, go to the family field and fly kites of your own, browse the activity tents or head out to the public field. / March 28

(March 2015)


Arctic air breaks weather records; Defendant accused of attempted hits on child witnesses

By Carten Cordell

Arctic air breaks weather records

Virginia bills duel over limits on Police use of Drones

Va. House kills bill on Herndon elections
(The Washington Post)

Falls Church defendant allegedly asked about hit man to kill child witnesses
(The Washington Post)

Ethics legislation in Virginia still leave many questions

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