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Fairfax City’s Ooh La Lara is a jewelry destination like no other in NoVA. Whether you’re in the market for a brilliant bauble or a fine jewelry piece that’s absolutely fabulous, rest assured you’ll find something unique in the small Parisian-chic store that will leave you absolutely smitten. Of course, it helps that the boutique’s owner, Lara Bissadi Cofer, is a fashion stylist with an impeccable eye. Want to make your party apparel really shine or, fellas, your sig-other melt? Cofer shares what makes the cut. —Natalie Kaar


One piece of jewelry every fashionista should consider purchasing this party season?
Definitely a statement necklace or statement ring.

Top picks in trendy jewels that are appropriate for the office?
Something comfortable, and easy to wear. I love the layering look. Wear a short delicate necklace, and layer it with longer ones.

In terms of statement jewelry, what sorts of details do you see making the biggest splash?
The hand-painted Swarovski pieces. … Think Tom Binns or Rodrigo Otazu jewelry. 

In your fine jewelry collection, any pieces you almost hate to sell, want to keep for yourself?
I don’t want to sell any of them, but I definitely have a few favorites. There is a solid gold shark took with black diamonds. Trendy, yet girly. Love that one! 

Baubles on your sales team’s holiday wish lists this year?
Fun druzy stone rings and necklaces. Anything that is unusual or different.

The definition of this season’s must-buy baubles:
Layered tiny gold-plated rings. Sometimes more is more!

Your thoughts on mixing metals?
I say GO for it! As a fashion stylist, I have accessorized many of my clients with white gold and rose gold. I love that look!


Jewelry featured (from top to bottom): Rodrigo Otazu Swarovski crystal necklace ($360), Sweetie Pie vintage-look fish necklace ($98), Rodrigo Otazu Swarovski crystal fringe bracelet ($260) / Photos courtesy of Diana Adams/Studio Diana


Next month several style experts weigh in on 2013′s Ins and Outs.


(December 2012)

Ooh La Lara

Posted by Carten Cordell / Friday, April 13th, 2012

by Chloe Gould

Strutting through the streets of Fairfax in studded Louboutins and a striking motorcycle jacket, Ooh La Lara boutique owner Lara Bissadi-Cofer is, quite simply, style. A personal stylist to politicians, moms on the go and high-brow fashionistas alike, Bissadi-Cofer is frosting Fairfax with custom-made women’s jewelry.

The small European-inspired boutique, tucked back behind Main Street, is quaint and lavish in its design—a cozy shop filled with antique armoires and bookshelves dripping with Swarovski crystals and bold gems. With the collection of pieces following Bissadi-Cofer’s journeys around the world—Iran, Paris, Madrid, Toronto and Portugal—each find builds upon the idea of high-style and casual, or a bit more refined elegance.

Swarovski crystal cuff s and pendant earrings from “Sex and the City II” sit on the shop’s center table, and a crystal necklace fit for a ball, which was purchased from Oprah Winfrey, sits atop one accessories cabinet. Bissadi-Cofer, who is the former store manager of Tysons Galleria’s Oilily, prides herself on her up-and-coming designer picks. Although pieces from the more renowned designers, like Rodrigo Otazu, can be re-ordered, Ooh La Lara is filled with one-of-a-kind jewelry.


April 2012