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Style Report: Panama Hats

Posted by Carten Cordell / Monday, July 18th, 2011

Hello there, shoppers! While you’re busy shopping next season’s hottest styles on sale this week – it’s Nordstrom Anniversary sale time! — keep in mind that there’s still a lot of summer to savor. And when it comes to staying cool and looking cool during even the season’s most sweltering days, Panama hats come in perfectly handy.

A few fine examples of the terrific toppers:

 Speaking of Nordstrom, this Tommy Bahama Panama for men, is classically cool and supposedly particularly comfortable to boot:



Tommy Bahama Safari Panama Straw Fedora, $125 (Nordstrom)

 This next one is a very economical yet very chic choice for the ladies:

Christy's Chelsea Fedora, on sale for $19 (South Moon Under)


A traditional beauty for the ladies:

Traditional Panama Hat, $58 (Madewell)

And this is a great option for men who may be hesitant to try the style, less than $10:

Men's Grosgrain Trim Basketweave Hat, $6 (Forever 21)

Urban Outfitters also has a great variety of Panamas for women. I especially love this one.

Happy shopping!

–Natalie Kaar