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13 Restaurant No-Nos That Shouldn’t Exist After 2013

Posted by Editorial / Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

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- The repeated use of “housemade” on menus

- Hard, cold butter

- Vibrating discs or texting to let you know when your table is available

- Sriracha squiggles

- You can have a fall menu without pumpkin spice

- Salted caramel everything

- Deconstructed anything. It’s a restaurant, not Legoland

- Sushi in non-sushi restaurants

- Foie gras with anything but foie gras (don’t need it on a  burger or mac n cheese)

- Charging for the bread basket

- Doughnuts for the sake of having a trendy treat

- The small plate trend … with each small plate costing the same as an entree

- Out of season fruit as dessert garnish (no one eats that strawberry next to the chocolate lava cake)

- Chocolate lava cake


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(December 2013)

Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, November 12th, 2010


(Image: The Next Web)

This week was all about synchronicity on the Twitter, with lots of folks firing off commentary that unknowingly complemented/completed like-minded epicurean threads.

The simpatico scribbling awards go to:

* Protein purists Daniel Patterson (@dcpatterson) and Tim Ma (@gt3029b) for giving mystery meats some serious thought;

* Caloric nonconformists Mark Haub (@themarkhaubdiet via @cnnhealth) and Edith Zimmerman (@edithzimmerman via @thehairpin) for thumbing their noses at conventional dieting;

* Culinary leftists @NYMag (via @NaomiStarkman) and Paul Greenberg (@4fishgreenberg) for rightfully disputing what belongs on the center of the plate;

* Early birds Michele Humes (@michelehumes) and @swampynomo for chronicling what happens when the breakfast worm turns on you;

* Ecocurean Jackson Landers (via @mental_floss) for offering to fill his gut with offensive species; and,

* Circular sleuth Laura Miller (@magiciansbook) for giving the coupon pages a hard look.

Your fleeting thoughts spoke volumes to me.



Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, October 22nd, 2010


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Allow me to apologize for being so stingy with the #FollowFriday love of late, but the reality is I just plain suck. And not in the endearing, self-deprecating sense of the term–I’m saying yours truly is a terrible social mediazen who puts his own wants (an hour to myself would be nice) and needs (single malt whiskey, the peatier the better) ahead of those of the Twitterverse/blogosphere. 

These folks, on the other hand, continue to feed the inexhaustible infotainment machine, spouting wit and wisdom the likes of which I’ll never know.

Put your hands together for:

* Career comfort seeker Ann Patchett (via @Barry_Estabrook) for the posthumous peek at the inner workings of Gourmet;

* Restaurateur Mark Pastore (via @insidescoopsf) for peeling back the curtain on @OpenTable ‘s cut of the res’y action;

* Fringe police @FairFoodFight for alerting us that the teapartiers won’t want for snacks during the end of days;

* @PriceChopperNY (via @Relevanttrafik) for illustrating how easily virtual assaults can  erupt into real headaches;

* @RepShimkus (via @ESQPolitics) for reminding us of the irresistibility of soda and candy;

* The technopologists @flowtown (via @EatingOurWords) for identifying the father of food geekdom;

* Cookstructionist Marina Ekroos (via @SAVEURMAG) for educating as she eats;

* Street food stickler Jessica Strelitz (@jstrelitz) for putting her foot down–or up someone’s ass, as the case may be–when confronted with curd confusion;  and,

* Tinseltown sweetheart Kristen Bell (@IMKristenBell) for revealing how even the biggest stars can be humbled by craft services.

Truly eye-opening stuff served up by some real industry players. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking over your collective shoulders.


Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, October 1st, 2010

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(Image: The Next Web)

All this rain is really bringing me down. Thank gawd there’s always internet inanity to cheer me up.

This week’s meme connections include:

* The style police at Food Network Humor (@FNHumor) for exposing the tastelessness of  bacon love;

* Pop culture ref Catherine Phipps (@catlily72 via @guardianfood) for red flagging zeitgeist-chasing cookbooks;

* Mayhem monitors Weird News (@weirdnews) for (pretty much) confirming anti-pot activists’ worst fears;

* Kid whisperers Todd Parker and Diane Cu (@WhiteOnRice) for sharing the secret to tantrum-free portraiture;

* Food scribes Francis Lam (@Francis_Lam) and Michael Nagrant (@MichaelNagrant) for capturing the beauty and beastliness of frankfurters; and,

* Safety sleuth Jennifer Margulis (@JenniferMarguli) for taking @Delta to task about a recent breastfeeding flap.

You are the sunshine(s) of my life.


Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, September 10th, 2010

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Though some war-related coverage was unavoidable leading into 9/11, I’m pleased to report that most everything else I came across this week ranged from light-hearted to shoot-milk-out-of-your-schnoz funny.

They who kept my eyeballs entertained include:

* Embedded journo Ashley Gilbertson (@AshGilbertson) for reminding us that those behind enemy lines often find solace in the littlest things;

* Existential eater Melissa McCart (@MelissaMcCart) for opening up her mind–and her boudoir–to pastry-based philosophy;

* Mirth makers @funnyordie for reveling in assault-by-produce;

* Angler’s aide Eric Rathburn (via @Moldychum) for documenting what happens when the food chain fights back;

* Pig lover @BigmistasBBQ (via @SpiritBBQ) for sneaking bacon into unexpected spaces;

* Cheflebrity Rock Harper (@rockthecook) for pointing out the dangers of being TOO GOOD at your craft; and,

* Cocktail enthusiast Reese Lloyd (@ReeseLloyd) for wisely averting a tippling disaster.

You all are aces in my book.


Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, September 3rd, 2010

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(Image: The Next Web)

Gorged on some really interesting stuff this week.

They who served up the most intriguing tidbits include:

* Knowledge seekers Scientific American (@sciam via @allinthemind) for carving up our cerebrum to better digest what’s happening upstairs;

* Food scribe Alison Sherwood (@postcollegecook) for keeping it real simple;

* Web scourge Dan Wineman (@dwineman via @Bitspitter) for railing against antisocial resto sites;

* Media monitors Jamie Liu (@jamie_bear) and @consumerist for reminding us just how rough food service can be;

* Booze arbiter Kara Newman (@karanewman) for red flagging geriatric-squeezed spirits;

* Snark slingers Nina Bargiel (@slackmistress) and Monica Eng (@monicaeng) for celebrating gastro-pop culture zeitgeist; and,

* Bizarre Magazine (@bizarremagazine) for taking playing with your food old school.

You keep tweeting. I’ll keep reading.


Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, August 20th, 2010

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Lots o’ quirky stuff being bandied about the Interwebs this week, including some fabulously oblivious bookend observations.

I extend my undying admiration to:

* Data miner Bonnie Azab Powell (via @grist) for bringing to my attention just how much Arlingtonians blow on edible entertainment (nearly $12k per household–$850 behind spendthrift Austinites (#1) but $1,400 more than their D.C. neighbors (#6));

* Javaclast Lynne Rosenthal (via @delrayser) for refusing to kowtow to coffee couture;

* Truckies Erin Willi (@erinferrell) and Amanda McClements (@metrocurean) for illustrating our mobile dining dreams and nightmares;

* Booze hounds Ray Daniels (@Cicerone_org) and Frank Rich (@Modern_Drunkard) for portraying the alpha and omega of tying one on;

* Hot Chocolate City dining sleuths @dcwrappeddates and @BYTEatDrink for voicing the yin and yang of Restaurant Week;

* Pith spewer @Hormonella for dealing sardonically with disappointing foodstuffs; and,

* Virginia native Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) for rekindling the ultra-low tech communications revolution.

I feels ya.


Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, July 30th, 2010


(Image: The Next Web)

I’ve been remiss, as of late, in recognizing my fellow food- and drink-minded Tweeters. And for that, I am truly sorry.

Let me begin to make amends by heaping praise upon:

* Shell shocked social butterfly Shea Sylvia (@sheasylvia via @Jezebel) for illustrating how cavalierly broadcasting your every move can inadvertently hem you in;

* Hired mouths Tom Sietsema (@tomsietsema) and Frank Bruni (@FrankBruni via @CKummer) for pointing out the grist of the food critic grind;

* Breakfast bon vivants Kelly Choi (@KellyChoi), Stacey Viera (@staceyviera) and CapMac (@CapMacDC) for sharing some candid shots of their rise-and-shine worthy repasts;

* Postie Bonnie Benwick (@bonniebenwick) for putting storm-related woes into terms I can understand;

* Res’y glutton @garlicandhouse for so brazenly abusing the Restaurant Week privilege; and,

* Attentive traveler Julie Collazo (@collazoprojects) for helping keep the friendly skies charcuterie-free.

Great work this week, people.


Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, June 25th, 2010

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Believe it or not, I uncovered a few tweets this week that not include the terms #USA, #WorldCup or sexually suggestive offers to personally “thank” Landon Donovan for his last-minute score.

The praise-worthy gastropeeps include:

* Culinary counselors @NPR (via @FoodNewsJournal) and @aboutdotcom (via @LAFoodie) for spinning everyday greens into dining gold;

* Media observers Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) and @WaffleW for deftly weaving food and politics into rhetorical fun (you listening, #TopChefDC ?);

* Fearless gourmand Ian Knauer (@iknauer) for grabbing grocery shopping by the short and curlys;

* Alimentary aesthete Daniel Patterson (@dcpatterson) for hailing the lyrical beauty of genuine food prose;  and,

* Intergalactic first mate @Nien-Nunb for finally speaking the truth to power.

Just wanted to let you all know that your fleeting thoughts made a lasting impression. Keep up the good work.


Tweat Cred

Posted by The Editorial Desk / Friday, June 11th, 2010

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(Image: The Next Web)

Lots of serious thinkers–and a fair amount of goofballs–taking their case(s) to the Twitterverse this week.

Kudos to:

* Hospitality gadfly Mark Bittman (@bittman) for refusing to take a vacation from fighting for restaurant goers rights;

* Food scholar Corby Kummer (@CKummer via @TheAtlanticFood) for saving pets from halitosis–and certain death;

* Gastro-media savant Josh Ozersky (@OzerskyTV) for getting Anthony Bourdain to cop to an @innoutburger habit;

* Local businessman Chris Walker (@Grandale) for opening up his mind–and the restaurant–to new experiences (Dear Chris: I’m with Dave Caz);

* Champion bloviator Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome via @Eater) for giving Helen Thomas the chance to go out with a bang;

* Celebrity scourge The Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) for roasting @Paula_Deen every chance they get (methinks “bmoons” nailed it); and,

* Aspiring QVC shill Olga Berman (@MangoTomato) for having the exact right reaction to an @sandrashm cooking segment.

Way to stick it to The Man, everybody. One day, we shall overcome…


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