How it all works:


1) Northern Virginia Magazine will host three first-round events. Fans can taste test wings from three of the restaurant contestants, score each of them on their judging sheets, and then come here to vote for their favorite. 

2) Then, the three restaurants who have moved on to the final round and one wild card contestant will compete again at a fourth event, and fans will vote to decide who will become the next King of the Wings. The winner gets a plaque to hang in their restaurant/s, but most importantly bragging rights, as the King of the Wings!


Who will be crowned for 2014? Stay tuned. 

King of the Wings 2013




Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern


Crowd Favorite:


Finnegan’s Tysons


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oharo Says:

Wait..can I write in BBQ?

victor Says:

Yes will be there

Will Says:

Fats Tuesdays near GMU.
Nowhere does wings like them. Why aren’t they on this?

Tom Says:

I make the best buffalo wings(Buffalo Wing Factory very close 2nd).

shannon Says:

LOVE the Jimmy’s wings with the sauce from the orginal Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY.. yummylicious!!!!!

John Says:

Jimmy’s wins every year, due to organized voting, not wings.

Cindy Says:

We will be there! Add 4 to the guest list!

Laura Says:

Does anyone know how many wings they give you to sample or if can you buy wings to go?

Chris Says:


Buffalo Bill Says:

Jimmy’s Wings are, hands down, the most authentic, delicious wings in NoVA.

JCRoentgen Says:

Jimmy’s are the best. Sauce directly from the original Anchor Bar in Buffalo.

Gary Says:

Jimmy’s has loyal fans but not yummy wings. I have ordered the wings there several times over the past couple years, and they are always tough. I’m sad to say it, but the Irish bars around Herndon (Sullivans, Finnegans) have better wings than Jimmy’s Buffalo bar.

Aaron Says:

Fats hands down THE best. More than JUST the sauce anybody can buy. Chrispy and juicy, yummiest ever period.

Dave Says:

The grilled wings and the V50 hot sauce are outstanding!

Lynn Says:

FATS and their Wings and Rings night is AMAZING. My favorite wing stop in Fairfax!

mark wade perigo Says:

Fat tuesdays fairfax is my vote

Christian Says:

FATS hands down!!!

Wing Lover Says:

Fat’s has the best wings in NOVA. Will be there today to cast my vote!!!

Joanne Says:

Only FATS.

Amy Says:

The HUGE wings at Lion & Bull are by far the best – especially the dry rub wings. Mmmmm… Plus they have live music and Trivia! Well worth my short drive from Fairfax.

Pete Says:

So how is the 4th “wild card contestant” get picked? Is it randomly drawn from the 2 crowed favorites? Or are you just going to offer the “wild card contestants” to both the crowed favorites? If I had any say in it both of the crowed favorites should be IN! They are both FANTASTIC wings and really VERY small margins stand between all the great wings!! BRING IT ON!

John Says:

What’s the difference between a “Round Winner” and “Crowd Favorite”?

WINGS!!!! Says:

Finnegans all the way

Jen Says:

LOVE Jimmy’s wings!

sherm Says:

Unless you are using the real sauce from Buff-a-hole, you aren’t making authentic wings. The only thing better would be to fly home and hit Duff’s !! Go Jimmy

Kristen Says:

Jimmy’s are hands down the best wings all day everyday!!!

Laurie Says:

never seen meatier wings then the ones at Jimmy’s! Sauce just the right amt of heat without taking your lips off your face!

Dan Says:

Lets go Buffalo @ Jimmy’s

wingman Says:

You are joking if you think any if these others come anywhere remotely close to bonchon. I came to support finnegans out of loyalty but bonchon destroys all of these

Sobb Bpewak Says:


Ed Says:

Hot wings and hot blues with Fast Eddie & The Slowpokes!

WingNut Says:

Jimmy’s Wings are the absolute BEST!!

Irish Elvis Says:

I have swallowed a ton of wings over the years , and have samples the contestants…. Jimmy’s sauce is the King!

Bud Says:

Jimmy’s is the real deal and simply the best. JOTT rocks!

Kara Says:

Fat Tuesday’s is my favorite!!

DeeJay Says:

Lion & Bull all the way!

MamaMia Says:

Stop fooling yourself..Jimmy is a fake and has been for awhile..All the veteran stuff is just a gimmick to make money..Seen it too many times…

Mike Says:

If you make wings using a sauce from another resteraunt that has already made them famous….then you are just making someone else’s wings, nothing original about Jimmy’s, he’s just popular!! FATS!!!!

Nicole Says:

BON CHON has the best wings around!!! Their management and crew/staff are pretty dang awesome too!!!

Bob Says:

Jimmy’s wins because they are chetaing with the Votes and not because of wings. This is not a real win.

Luckybeavertooth Says:

Jimmy’s wings are definitely the best. Not only do they taste great, and have a good consistency, I have proven that they are good for you too! Every day for a month and I feel like I have more energy, more drive, more will to live. and I lost 18 pounds.
All joking aside they are good sht.

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