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WHERE Sweet Fire Donna’s

ESTABLISHED February 2014, Carlyle

INSIDE Pulled pork, Texas sausage link, cheese sauce, creamy coleslaw and barbecue sauce

OUTSIDE Oversized Kaiser roll from Gold Crust Baking Company in Landover, Maryland

EAT IT Don’t try to get your mouth around this loaded sandwich. Fine. Do it and get your friends to record it. It won’t work. Owner Donna Anderson says she’s seen it happen many times. Opt for the knife and fork, which invariably are the instruments needed to ingest Sweet Fire Donna’s Bubba Mike. Anderson is the wife of local restaurateur “Mango” Mike Anderson, and the sandwich’s namesake. They almost named the restaurant Bubba Mike, but Mike refused. “Mike didn’t want to be called Bubba,” says Donna, laughing, “but Mango Mike is good?!” The layered sandwich consists of pulled pork, smoked for 15 hours, a sausage link made to the restaurant’s specifications by Alexandria’s Logan Sausage, plus a Monterey jack and cheddar cheese sauce, coleslaw and barbecue sauce. It’s held together with a long toothpick topped with three bread and butter pickles. You’ll find the utensils by the counter with the sauces. You’re welcome. / $11.95

BONUS Don’t leave without sampling the ultra smoky burnt ends.

CONTACT 510 John Carlyle St., Alexandria;


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