Q&A: Angie Goff

We sat down with the multimedia news mogul to find out why, and how, she does it all.

By Lynn Norusis

Angie Goff is everywhere—at all the hot events, on Twitter, blogging at OhMyGoff!, and now bringing us up-to-date news on all the latest happenings at her new home of NBC4, where she anchors the weekend morning shows. We sat down with the multimedia news mogul to find out why, and how, she does it all.

The switch from WUSA9 to NBC4?

Angie Goff (Photo by Jonathan Timmes)

“Regardless of the station you are at, you really become close with the people. And when you wake up at 2:30 in the morning, and you have a group of people that share that burden every day, you get to know each other pretty well. The best friends that I’ve met [at WUSA9], I’m going to miss waking up with them every day and working side-by-side with them, laughing and joking, but thank goodness there is Twitter.

“I grew up with NBC—watching the people—so for me, it is the biggest honor to be a part of such an amazing team. I think being able to get back to doing news (which is where I started), and doing a show on the weekends, and being able to help wake up Washington, that is going to be great. I feel like I am home with NBC. They really make you want to rise to another level. At this part of the game, it is very easy to get complacent, but it makes such a difference when you work with people that want to make you better—that you want to be better for.”

You are everywhere. How do you keep up with everything you do? How do you keep that energy up?

“I keep the energy up when I have to, but I do have to admit that I am only human, and there are times of breakdown. There are times I go home, turn the computer off, I turn off the lights, and aside from anything my baby needs, I’m not answering the world.

“My big thing is, when you feel really, really tired, take a day off. I find that that has helped. As far as finding energy, I drink so much water people think I am going to drown. And I’ll have coffee at 7 o’clock at night, even knowing I have to go get up at 2:15 am. I think it is going to catch up with me eventually, but so far, that seems to be the magic solution to keeping me going.

“The other thing I think is doing things that truly interest you, or that your friends are involved with, or organizations that you believe in and support because that gives you motivation.”

Do you feel there needs to be a newsperson taking on the idea of the journalist as a person as opposed to the news organization?

“You are going to watch the people on television that you like, that you feel most comfortable with, that you connect with. And I think that is the same for social media. You have so many different options—so many people that you can follow or choose to be a part of your day, because that is what you are doing.

“By following their feed, or following them on Facebook, you are choosing to let them influence your day. I am honored every time I get a Twitter follower or a Facebook friend; I think it is just great, and I feel like it is only growing our community. For me, I’m there to get information, too, and to better my life. Who better to get it from then the people living right here in the community—they are our experts.”


(December 2011)