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The latest tomes from local authors.

The latest tomes from local authors:

It Started With Goodbye
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It Started with Goodbye
by Christina June

A bond between siblings, in this case stepsiblings, sometimes comes from a shared secret. At the end of the school year, 16-year-old Tatum found herself in a legal predicament: a wrong place, wrong time scenario. The repercussions left her with a summer filled with mandatory community service, family-imposed house arrest and her best friend shipped off to boarding school. The relationship she had with her stepmother and stepsister was never one of camaraderie, until secrets from the past and present unveiled themselves, leaving an opportunity for all of the family members to gain a better understanding of each other. (May 2017)


Without a Trace
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Without a Trace
by Danielle Nadler

A newspaper journalist at heart, Danielle Nadler has never been able to pass up a story. A call one evening from a friend introduced her to the man known as Sierra Phantom, a mountaineer in the hills of California who knew at the age of 8 that all he ever wanted was to be free. For 50 years Phantom lived in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Nadler tells his stories—living as an orphan through the Great Depression, fighting the Japanese in Alaska during World War II and finally his reemergence into society and living under a roof. (November 2016)


(May 2017)