10 Things I Learned: Peacaloo owner Stefany Clare

Clare has worked with the likes of Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez and opened her own boutique, and here, she shares the lessons she’s learned along the way.

Stefany Clare
Photo by Kerry Renee Photography

At 26, stylist Stefany Clare has reached a level of success well beyond her years. In LA, she worked with Victoria Justice and for teams that dressed Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. Now back in her hometown of Fredericksburg, she’s running her own boutique, Peacaloo.

We asked her what lessons she’s learned along the way:

1. Share your vision with everyone.

2. Dream big and smile bigger.

3. Give more than you receive.

4. Surround yourself with people who support you and tell the truth.

5. Try new things, even if they lead to failure.

6. The way you treat people is worth more than success.

7. Dreaming up ideas is easy; working to get there takes time and hard work.

8. Take care of what you have been blessed with—if not, it will be taken away.

9. Remind yourself every morning is a brand new day.

10. Don’t seek what others have.

(June 2017)