What we’re reading this month

The latest tomes from local authors.

Bleed Through
Photo courtesy of Curiosity Quills Press

These two books are on our reading list this month:

Bleed Through
by Adriana Arrington
Curiosity Quills Press

Delve into the mind of 25-year-old schizophrenic Liam Murphy and try to untangle his visions. Did the beating and murder he saw really happen even though he can’t find the bloodstains? What about when he is confronted by the murderer? Trying to cope with the onset of the disease, Liam battles not only his own mind but the expectations from his mother and stepfather, whom he just moved in with after his father’s passing. It is only his work with his therapist and newfound friend Mai that keeps him on a somewhat level playing field to find out if his hallucinations are real or all in his mind. (March 2017)

Kissing Max Holden
Photo courtesy of Swoon Reads
Kissing Max Holden
by Katy Upperman
Swoon Reads

Reading Kissing Max Holden is like reliving your first kiss: the pounding heart, the rushing pulse, the flushed cheeks and the goosebumps. It is easy to travel back and remember your own high school crushes as you relive them through the friendship-turned-relationship between Jill Eldridge and neighbor Max Holden. There is desire and profound emotions that cloud the mind of young love. It is a story that has you wishing you could do it all over again. (August 2017)

(August 2017)