What we’re reading this month

The latest tomes from local authors.

Photo by Mike Ramm/courtesy of A Mysterious Anthology

These two books are on our reading list this month:

50 Shades of Cabernet: A Mysterious Anthology

Murder, mayhem, deceit and intrigue are the central themes of this anthology by 18 mystery writers who were tasked with penning stories based around cabernet. With accolades from USA Today and Amazon and nominations for national awards, the authors take us to dreary seaside towns with Clue-like events of a guest being murdered at dinner and bridal showers filled with jealous, conniving sorority sisters, one of whom kills the friendships and loves of her past. (March 2017)

Photo by Mike Ramm/courtesy of Chicago Review Press
Lincoln’s Pathfinder: John C. Fremont and the Violent Election of 1856
by John Bicknell
Chicago Review Press

There have been multitudes of books written about almost every aspect of President Abraham Lincoln’s life, but John Bicknell delves into the election that secured Lincoln’s seat four years prior: the one in which John Fremont and the new Republican party paved a way to limit the spread of slavery and brought women and African-Americans into the political realm. (June 2017)

(September 2017)