Prince William thrill-seekers to receive a new off-roading facility

The dual-course space will include a mile-long obstacle course and a kid-friendly track for beginners.

off roading club
Photo courtesy of Dave Hagy

Last month, a unanimous vote by the Prince William Board of Supervisors granted the Family Off-Road Riders of Prince William County (FORPWC) 25 acres of Lehigh Portland Park, a large expanse of undeveloped land in the county. Through this lease, the FORPWC—a nonprofit seeking to provide legal riding spaces for area dirt bike and ATV enthusiasts—will clear and transform the land into a local riding facility.

Photo courtesy of Dave Hagy

Currently, the FORPWC must take “away rides” to larger motocross tracks like South Fork MX, Budds Creek and Tomahawk; all approximately two hours away. The longer drive requires FORPWC members to plan weekend trips where club members camp out,  and while the organization has enjoyed putting on such events for its members, club president Dave Hagy says that this new project will mean “local families can go ride with their kids without having to plan a day trip. [The new facility] will be a convenient location that provides safe, legal riding that’s fun and exciting.”

Courtesy of Dave Hagy

The club’s near-200 members are buzzing with excitement over the close-to-home, two course space. The main course will be one mile long and include tabletop jumps, banked turns, flat turns and other motocross elements, while the kids’ course will be a shorter track with small bumps and turns designed for beginners.

Club members range in age from 6-65, with the core of the group being composed mainly of 30-50-year-old parents and their children. Having two courses will allow the club to cater to the needs of all of its members.

The new facility is set to open in during the summer of 2018, but Hagy says that this is an aggressive goal.

To get the county to sign off on construction plans, the FORPWC had to have an archaeology survey conducted (to search for historical artifacts), plus a wetlands survey and a tree survey. Hagy and the rest of the FORPWC have successfully overcome these hurdles and are moving steadfast toward their goal, thanks to the unwavering support they’ve received from Prince William County Parks & Recreation.

Hagy is predicting a surge in membership once the park opens, noting that many county residents have already contacted the FORPWC after hearing the group’s latest news.

Those interested in membership with FORPWC are encouraged to contact