10 Things I Learned: NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander

The Arlington resident received a lot of attention for fact-checking President Trump during his first press conference.

peter alexander
Photo courtesy of Tell Chronicles

Peter Alexander, an Arlington resident, reports every day for NBC News and MSNBC, including Today and Nightly News with Lester Holt. He received a lot of attention when he fact-checked President Trump in real time during his first press conference in office.

1. Put the phone down at home. I’m the first to admit this one’s a constant struggle, but even a small window away from your phone ensures you don’t miss precious moments.

2. Turn up the volume. When the princess songs start playing, drop everything and dance with your daughters.

3. Create traditions. Whether they’re big, like returning to a vacation spot, or small, like walking as a family to our local farmers market, traditions last.

4. Don’t worry. Credit my nearly 100-year-old Grandma Faye for this one: Worrying is a futile activity. It doesn’t change the situation or the outcome.

5. Breathe in peace; breathe out fear. I learned this from my sister, Rebecca, who has a rare genetic disorder causing her to go blind and deaf. When life starts to feel overwhelming, focus on the present.

6. Go out of your way to recognize teachers and mentors. Thank you, Ms. Brock (K-1-2 grades) and Tom Brokaw for believing in me and giving me a shot.

7. Embrace embarrassment. In spite of your colleagues’ entertained looks at the White House, keep serenading your children on FaceTime.

8. Loyalty is not optional. I would do anything for my best friends and family, and I know they would do the same for me.

9. Bedtime is not negotiable (except when it is). I love making those extra minutes special.

10. Love your spouse endlessly. I’m indebted to Alison, not just for our two beautiful girls but for our partnership and friendship. She’s my best friend.

(November 2017)