New releases we’re excited for this month

We’re on the lookout for the latest from both U2 and Nora Roberts, a new Netflix series and Pitch Perfect 3.


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These are our December picks for new media: music, movies, books and shows.

Songs of Experience
Dec. 1

Twenty-two Grammys later, the sound of U2 continues to captivate. After celebrating the 30th anniversary of their album Joshua Tree with a world tour, the band emerges with Songs of Experience, a sequel to their last album, Songs of Innocence.

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Year One: Chronicles of the One, Book 1
Dec. 5

New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts opens her latest chronicle with a tale of hope and horror, where the world began to collapse. In the destruction of the failed electrical grid and fall of the government rose a world of magick. A beseeched group of strangers find themselves traversing the nation to find a new frontier.

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Dec. 15

Netflix strikes again with a much-anticipated new series: Wormwood. Starring Peter Sarsgaard, this fact-based fiction delves into the dark history of the CIA’s attempted experimentation with LSD and flurries of other conspiracy theories throughout.

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Pitch Perfect 3
Dec. 22

The comedy-musical sensation continues. On Dec. 22, Pitch Perfect becomes a trilogy. After going separate ways, the Bellas come together for one final competition—but this time, they’re up against more than voices.

(December 2017)