2017 In/Out List

What’s hot and what’s not in the past year.

It’s been a year of tumult, with constant breaking news alerts, mind-numbing Twitter wars and national catastrophes. In the event you just gave up and buried your head in the sand, we understand. To catch you up and get you inspired, here’s this year’s outgoing fads and incoming trends.

Mike Ramm (selfie); Rey Lopez (nitro coffee); Lynn Norusis (Public Art); © jdwfoto / stock.adobe.com (journalism); © Africa Studio / stock.adobe.com (hair); © ImagePixel / stock.adobe.com (keurig); © fahrwasser / stock.adobe.com (squash); © maximleshkovich / stock.adobe.com (stationary)

Contributors: Northern Virginia Magazine editorial staff, Jamin Hoyle (freelance art director), Holly Koons McCullough (executive director of Arlington Arts Center), Jen Mellon (president of Trustify), Maurisa Potts (CEO of Spotted), Kim Putens (owner of Bloomers), Alicia Russman (owner of Undeniable Boutique), Eve Thompson (owner of Lake Anne Coffee House and Wine Bar) 

(December 2017)