What we’re reading this month

The latest tomes from local authors.

Photo courtesy of River Grove Books
How to Build a Piano Bench: Lessons for Success from a Red-Dirt Road in Alabama
By Ruthi Postow Birch
River Grove Books

We all have a story to tell, and most of us read others’ to learn something about the success they’ve had in life and how we can glean lessons from them. Ruthi Postow Birch, founder of her namesake staffing agency in Washington, D.C., shares her path to success from a red-dirt road in Alabama to the nation’s capital through humorous tales of her past, teaching others how to build on their own strengths and weaknesses. (February 2017)

Photo courtesy of Richer Resources Publications
An American Breeze: A Whirlwind Theatrical Tour of American Literature
By Helen Mondloch
Richer Resources Publications

Fairfax County English teacher and Northern Virginia Magazine contributor Helen Mondloch releases a six-act reader’s theater play that travels from Colonial times to modern day, and through clever prose focuses on the authors who have brought the events of each time to life. (September 2017)

(January 2018)