Meet your Potomac Nationals

Your favorite Nationals all got their start somewhere; here are three P-Nats that you should be keeping an eye on.

Photo courtesy of the Potomac Nationals

Anthony Rendon, Stephen Strasburg and Michael Taylor are Nationals that fans got their first peek of with the team’s Class A-Advanced affiliate, the Potomac Nationals. The P-Nats have been a step for many on their way to the big leagues, and this year are fielding three of the top 20 prospects in the Nationals’ farm system, per Carter Kieboom, Wil Crowe and Jakson Reetz. You can make your way down to Northwest Federal Field at Pfitzner to see these players for yourself, but let’s get to know them a little better first.

Courtesy of the Potomac Nationals

Wil Crowe
Position: Pitcher
Number: 24
Age: 23 Prospect Ranking: 8
Age Started Playing Baseball: 3
Player Comparison: Roger Clemens
Favorite Baseball Movie: The Sandlot
Pre-Game Ritual: Pasta the night before a start
Past Player to Face: Sammy Sosa
Most Looking Forward to in the Majors: The atmosphere, the players and my teammates.

Courtesy of the Potomac Nationals

Carter Kieboom
Position: Short Stop
Number: 5
Age: 20 Prospect Ranking: 3
Age Started Playing Baseball: 4
Player Comparison: Troy Tulowitzki
Favorite Baseball Movie: Bull Durham
Pre-Game Ritual: None. Too superstitious for me.
Past Player to Face: Randy Johnson
Most Looking Forward to in the Majors: Playing in front of big crowds and being on a big stage.

Courtesy of the Potomac Nationals

Jakson Reetz
Position: Catcher
Number: 12
Age: 22 Prospect Ranking: 19
Age Started Playing Baseball: 2
Player Comparison: Derek Jeter
Favorite Baseball Movie: Field of Dreams or
Bull Durham
Pre-Game Ritual: Not really
Past Player to Face: Roger Clemens
Most Looking Forward to in the Majors: Playing and competing against the best.

(July 2018)

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