Faces: Juanita Britton

Juanita “Busy Bee” Britton is the founder of BZB International, Inc.

Photo by Aaron Spicer

Entrepreneur Juanita Britton, also known as “Busy Bee,” is committed to making a community impact, whether it be locally or internationally, as the founder of BZB International, Inc.

Explain your title of Queen Mother of the Timber Nkwanta village of the Konko area in Ghana.

I have been instilled as a Queen Mother of a village of about 450 people. Generally, unless you are Ghanaian you cannot get this role, but I have a long standing relationship with the royal family. When the time comes for the matriarchal mother’s son to be named king, together they have to identify a “queen mother,” a person who will assist him in taking care of his kingdom. She literally gave me her village. I go to Ghana four to five times a year to assist and work on improvement of the village with the community.

How did you receive the nickname “Busy Bee?”

As a child, my grandma said I always had multiple projects going on. I used to multitask as a kid, and I started my first business when I was 10 selling lemonade.

What gave you the idea to focus your business in airports?

I love airports and the world of travel. I like experiencing what international airports have to offer. I was a secret shopper in the airport environment initially. I became a staple in the airport and an opportunity became available and I was picked for that opportunity, and I was ready for it.

What do you have planned in the future?

This graduation season, I’m working with high schools in the DMV region to pick a school where students are facing the most challenges and I’m going to dress the valedictorian and class president in Brooks Brother clothing. I also will bring students to the airports to see what goes on behind the scenes.

(August 2018)

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