Our April issue SuperNoVA: Wedding photographer Nicole Maurer

A look at the people and places that make Northern Virginia shine.

Photo by Nicole Maurer

If you ask any couple who is in the throes of planning their wedding, they’ll tell you that putting together the perfect shot list is of paramount importance. After all, in today’s pics-or-it-didn’t-happen social media world, what’s a wedding if you can’t Instagram it?

But, as any great wedding photographer knows, it’s not always about the staged shot—it’s the candid photos that end up capturing the true essence of the day.

“I was waiting for the family and friends to gather [for an official portrait],” recalls photographer Nicole Maurer of this recent wedding shot at Shadow Creek in Purcellville.

“The kids were looking over to see the cows … when you see those skirts you know they have to twirl around.” The bride, Alyssa Carl—a wedding planner herself at B. Mingled Weddings & Events—had made the tulle skirts for her five nieces. The abundant tulle, plus the flower girl cuteness and NoVA’s backdrop of rolling green hills in springtime, all came together to create the perfect social media moment. Not pictured here? The flower girls rolling down the hill, grass stains and all, after the official portraits were completed.

The warm-weather wedding was just one of hundreds that will take place across Northern Virginia’s camera-ready rustic barns, verdant vineyards and historic homes as wedding season kicks in to high gear—which means you can expect plenty of flower girls, beautiful brides and NoVA’s lush landscapes to fill your feed in the coming months.

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