Local author love: Rich Garon

Rich Garon shares insight on his new book, Lee Fitts.

Rich Garon (Photo courtesy of Smith Publicity, Inc.)

The Author: Rich Garon

The Book: Lee Fitts

The Genre: Fiction

Lives In: Prince William County

The Story: “Lee Fitts is a young man who has suffered a very traumatic incident and it has reduced his ability to do a lot of things. He looks at things from a very simplistic point of view. He had a great future and that now seems to be in ashes. The book shows how he deals with different things in life from a perspective of the honesty and compassion and forgiveness that this condition has brought him to,” says Garon.

The cover of Lee Fitts, Rich Garon’s newest novel. (Photo courtesy of Smith Publicity, Inc.)

NoVA Neighborhoods: “There is a part in the novel discussing homelessness and it plays a very pivotal role in how the plot unfolds,” says Garon, who has been a homeless advocate both professionally and personally for decades. He’s now retired, but “I started as an intern back in 1976 and eventually became chief of staff on the Committee on International Relations (U.S. House of Representatives). We did a lot of work on hunger issues and on homeless matters at the time. And our church back in the 1980s became one of about five or six in the Prince William area that established a revolving overnight shelter.”

Garon is donating all sales from the book ($14, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble) to the Bill Mehr Drop-In Center for the Homeless in Woodbridge.

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