Local author S.C. Megale talks ‘This Is Not a Love Scene’

From what inspired the tale to the surrounding scene where it’s set, this is Centreville-native S.C. Megale’s latest novel.

Photo courtesy of S.C. Megale

The Author: S.C. Megale

The Book: This Is Not a Love Scene

The Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Lives in: Centreville

Photo by Elarbi Taouil

The Story: “I’ve been a novelist since I was 15, and it’s been my dream to get published by a Big Five publisher,” Megale says, now 24. “My book is with Saint Martin’s Press. The novel was, I believe, chosen because I wrote about something that I’ve been running away from in all my other novels: my own disability. The plot of the book is a young adult romance and the protagonist, Maeve, is in a motorized wheelchair, like myself, and she loves film. She’s a budding director and she falls in love with the lead actor in her final project for her film class.”

NoVA Neighborhoods: “I try to be kind of coy about which parts of Northern Virginia inspired settings in the novel,” Megale says. “It’s set in Fredericksburg, but almost everything I’ve taken from my experiences in NoVA. I will throw you a bone, though: There’s an ice rink in the novel that has a very strong resemblance to the one at Reston Town Center.”

This Is Not a Love Scene ($13) is available on Amazon.com.

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