Creatives find a home for their crafts with newly opened TINT in Falls Church

Knitters, crocheters and quilters alike can now shop and learn with other artists, thanks to one Arlington-based mom.

open classroom space TINT
The new space gives local makers the chance to practice their craft. (Photo courtesy of Carissa Englert)

When Carissa Englert moved to the DC area about 15 years ago, she quickly found herself interested in knitting, describing it as the “gateway drug” to all-things arts and crafts, like fiber arts, textiles, quilting and more. But as life went on and she became a mother of two living in Arlington, time got in the way, removing her from the knitting community she had become a part of. 

Eventually though, Englert found her way back, now welcoming the residents of Falls Church and beyond into recently opened TINT – A Modern Makerspace, providing an educational and inspirational hub for fellow craft-enthusiasts like her. 

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“In the DC area, there are businesses that are specifically focused on knitting or quilting as separate entities, but nothing for everything,” says Englert. “The concept of the makerspace is to have a place where people are inspired to learn different art forms and for me, it’s the melding of all these different things. I just want to have a space where everyone feels welcome and inspired.”

TINT is 50% retail, 50% workspace, providing all newcomers the chance to purchase materials for their next project, and also stay a while to learn from Englert and other guest speakers who will visit the shop for special events. 

While the site opened Sept. 13, Englert has already seen an influx of interest from the local community, specifically with the weekly craft night occurring every Wednesday evening from 6 to 9 p.m. 

“It’s been really well-received and well-attended, and I think people are really excited to have a place to stitch and b****,” says Englert of the weekly event. “Anything you can work on in your lap, I’m happy to have it.”

yarn hanging on shelf
Photo courtesy of Carissa Englert

Over the course of the next three months, Englert plans on hosting about six on-site events, teaching anything from fall-themed embroidery to quilt-making to keep you warm this winter. In November, Englert will lead a Visible Mending Class, where she will teach individuals how to add patches and unique stitches to worn out jeans, sweaters or other pieces of clothing. 

According to Englert, many yarn stores and similar concepts in the area have closed over the past few years, creating a bigger need for TINT. And for her, it’s all about bringing the community together through the arts. 

“The maker movement is so huge right now,” says Englert, “and this is my attempt to bring the community out of the woodwork for knitting, spinning, quilting and really a little bit of everything.” // TINT – A Modern Makerspace: 417 W. Broad St., Suite 100, Falls Church; prices vary

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