Local Author Love: Siri Mitchell releases new mystery novel with plenty of Arlington mentions

Mitchell references over a dozen Arlington locations in this thrilling book about a mysterious death and the highest powers in Washington.

siri mitchell
Siri Mitchell (Photo courtesy of Mitchell)

The Author: Siri Mitchell

The Book: State of Lies

The Genre: Mystery, Thriller and Suspense

Lives In: Arlington

state of lies book cover
Photo courtesy of Siri Mitchell

The Story: After her husband, Sean, is killed in a hit-and-run accident, Georgie Brennan discovers he lied to her about where he had been going that day. “The book is about Georgie trying to raise her son after Sean is killed,” Mitchell says. “She is a physicist by profession and she starts asking questions about her husband and his death. She doesn’t stop until she reaches the highest rungs of power in the nation. Along the way, she is led to question everyone she knows and everything that she thought was true.”

NoVA Neighborhoods: In the novel, Mitchell references over a dozen Arlington locations. “MedStar Capitals Iceplex is one that’s mentioned,” she says. “And Northside Social is in the book.” Other Arlington name-drops include Crystal City Shops, Jackson Street during Halloween and Crystal City Water Park.

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