DMV-based quartet Voices of Service talks ‘America’s Got Talent’

The dynamic singing group comprised of veterans and active-duty military members appeared on Season 14 of the show, finishing in fifth place.

voices of service members performing on americas got talent nbc
Voices of Service, a local singing quartet made up of active-duty military members and veterans, recently placed fifth on the hit TV show “America’s Got Talent.” (Photo courtesy of NBCUniversal)

If you’re a fan of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, then you’ll recognize the dynamic singing group, Voices of Service. But what you may not realize is that its members are a part of our local community. The quartet is comprised of veteran and active-duty military members Caleb Green (who also sings for the Washington Capitals), Jason Hannah, Christal Rheams and Ron Henry. All are DMV residents, except for Henry, who lives in Williamsburg.

Voices of Service was created by the Center for American Military Music Opportunities to uplift service members, veterans and their families through music and to develop their music careers. The vocalists recently appeared on Season 14 of AGT, finishing the competition in fifth place. We caught up with Green, Hannah and Rheams to see what’s ahead in 2020.

What was it like competing on America’s Got Talent?

CR: It was a wonderful experience. You have to understand, we didn’t go into it thinking that we were going to get as far as we did. For us, it was going into it to deliver a message. If we were helping folks, then in our eyes, we won.

CG: The whole journey was incredible because we weren’t known. We were able to impact people because we could change their minds about what they were hearing and what they were seeing. We came in a bit more mature than most acts; we weren’t fame-seeking. We were really about our mission. We were free to be who we are.

members of voices of service performing on americas got talent
Voices of Service members performing on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” From left to right: Caleb Green, Jason Hannah, Christal Rheams and Ron Henry. (Photo courtesy of NBCUniversal)
Why is music important for military service members and beyond?

JH: Music is the universal language. It doesn’t matter where you are around the world, everywhere you go it resonates with everybody. It connects me to people. That’s the start. You get that bridge, so you can start talking about deeper subjects, like trauma, and help people through those things.

What can fans expect of Voices of Service this year?

CR: There’s a lot of stuff up in the air now. We are planning on releasing singles, with a larger possibility of an album in 2020. Right now, we’re at a crossroads figuring out which direction we’re walking. You will hear more from Voices of Service.

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