Local Author Love: Aimee Agresti’s ‘The Summer Set’ is perfect for a warm-weather read

Her newest book, a romantic fiction novel, focuses on an actress in her 40s finding her spark again.

Aimee Agresti and the cover of her book the summer set
Headshot by Abby Greenawalt; Book cover courtesy of Aimee Agresti

The Author: Aimee Agresti

The Book: The Summer Set

The Genre: Romantic Fiction

Lives In: Potomac, Maryland

The Story: Released on May 12, The Summer Set follows a group of actors, including main character Charlie Savoy at a summer theater. “They are chasing goals and also chasing each other,” Agresti says. “A lot of romance in it, a lot of fun, a lot of hijinks. Charlie was Hollywood’s hottest ingénue, and then she flamed out. She’s pushing 40 and she finds herself back at the summer Shakespeare theater where she got her start as a teen. The book is really about starting over and second acts, which I think is something a lot of people can relate to in their lives.”

NoVA Mentions: “I grew up in this area and I grew up going to so many shows, taking advantage of all the theaters in our area,” Agresti says. “If you’re somebody who loves Wolf Trap, then you would love this book because it’s set in this beautiful area, [similar to Wolf Trap]. There’s something really moving about viewing art and theater in such a magical setting.”

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