Google Glass app makes Washington Capitals the team of the future

New app allows you to take control of the stats while sitting in the stadium.

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Hardly anyone would choose to sit on the couch when they can watch a game live. The feeling of solidarity as you’re surrounded by the colors of your team,  and the thrill when your team scores. The only problem with being at the stadium (besides the beer prices) is that you lose control over stats and information that watching on television provides you.

Herndon-based APX Labs has partnered up with Monumental Sports & Entertainment, owners of the Washington Capitals and the Verizon Center to solve this problem. Skybox.

Skybox is an app for Google Glass which will allow fans to see real-time stats, in-game highlights, and instant replays all in real time without missing any of the action.  The Capitals and the Verizon Center will be the flagship team and stadium for the Skybox app.

When asked about why APX partnered up with the Capitals, Brian Ballard, the CEO of APX Labs said, “Monumental Sports & Entertainment has a history of employing state-of-the-art technology to bring the best experience to their fans at Verizon Center. When we sought out a team and venue to work with, Monumental Sports was the ideal local partner. It’s also a great point of pride that our home town team can highlight how D.C. is a leader in sports and technology innovation.”

Google Glass, first introduced in 2013, is the most recognized smart glass platform out there. Resting on your head like a pair of glasses, Google Glass allows you access to the utility of a smart phone without interrupting your life. 

“Skybox for Google Glass creates an amazing, visual experience for fans at the game,” said Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s chief marketing officer Joe Dupriest. “In working with APX Labs to test their new pro sports fan engagement app we’re able to provide our fans a way to customize their own experiences while at the game. They can stay connected, access team stats and highlights, and watch the game all in real-time.”