Trending: Welcome to the Kanye Zone

We all know Friday is a mental slog, leave it to Kanye to get you through it.

By Carten Cordell

Photo courtesy of Carl Bjorklund/

It’s Friday, and despite your best efforts, and three pots of coffee, your attention span is lagging.

Never to fear, the Internet and a company called Otter Spice Productions have provided a new way to burn those interminable minutes and hours that stand between you and happy hour. It’s called the “Kanye Zone.”

Tapping into the simple but classic addictiveness of Pong and Pac-Man — spliced with a line from Kanye West’s track “Ni**as in Paris” — the “Kanye Zone” dares users to spend hours deflecting floating Kaynes from a circle centered in the screen and dubbed “the zone.”

Users find their success rewarded with “dollars” as the zone continuously expands, but just like West’s lyrical carpet bombings, these floating Yeezus heads are relentless.

Collaborating in the glory of your eventual defeat is Kanye’s creative compadre, Jay-Z, who materializes at the very end of the game.

If this action is too intense for you, Otter Spice Productions has also just released “Pitbull Party,” which requires you to dodge record scratches on DJ turntables, Frogger-style, lest you “stop the party.”

The PC-version is still better than the mobile, which simply compels you to answer whether you want to stop the party or not.

So, Otter Spice Productions delivers on a few options to burn through Friday’s mind numbing work day, at least until office IT catches up with you.