Fishbowl, AOL’s Startup Haven

From an app-creating software to a mobile conference call program, here’s what else AOL’s venture incubator, titled Fishbowl, does from its Dulles-based campus.

AOL’s version of the of the venture incubator “Shark Tank,” titled Fishbowl, is nearing the end of its first phase and houses nine small businesses at its open-concept lab in Dulles. Companies with around $250,000 in funding and about three employees applied for this collaborative venture, located on AOL’s first-floor space, utilizing company amenities while growing their innovative concepts—from an app-creating software to a mobile conference call program. Here’s what else they do. –Anthony Baracat


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App Press
Build code-free mobile apps, publish instantly and manage push updates and notifications across iOS and Android on a budget.


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Manage orders, technicians, schedules and billing for your field service company; ranked Top 10 by Capterra.


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Make conference calls easy on your desktop, laptop or mobile phone using a personal or business link.


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This platform connects in-need persons with roadside assistance and nearby, available providers for immediate service.


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Use Proofsheet for your applications or hiring needs, managing candidates, resumes and more on one simple account.


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Privately respond to or submit feedback and surveys via text message directly between manager, customer and employee.


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Submit your free or for-profit articles directly from your publication to media companies online.


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This motion-sensing auto showroom tower guides customers and analyzes shopping trends using Verizon 4G LTE.


Photo courtesy of helps private investors during research, giving them access to metrics, indicators and analysis for over 65,000 startups and 70 portfolios.

(January 2014)