New Traffic Pattern on Columbia Pike; NoVA Drivers have the Most Texting-and-Driving Convictions

Daily headlines from the Northern Virginia Area.

by Shelby Robinson


There is a new traffic pattern on Columbia Pike, heading to Interstate 395, which is part of the rebuilding of the Washington Boulevard bridge.

Washington Post


Drivers in Northern Virginia are have been receiving the most texting and driving convictions since the new law, six months ago.



One-hour television program in Fairfax County School System is part of a large effort being made by the school system to inform parents and teens about sex-trafficking in the D.C. area.

Washington Post


Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow a week after a group of Sterling residents filed a petition to attempt to remove him from office.

Loudoun Times Mirror


Testing done for the Affordable Care Act is facing scrutiny for failing to use randomized clinical trials.

New York Times