Trending: Bonfire of the Selfies

Selfies finally get a theme song, and the brutal truth about Facebook movies.

By Carten Cordell

Urban Dictionary defines selfie as, among other things, “a ridiculous practice in narcissism.” And after seeing a litany of right-arm-extended amateur glamour shots to last a lifetime, we’re inclined to agree.

But thankfully, like the Harlem Shake or Gangnam Style before it, the selfie may have at last hit critical mass.

Thanks to EDM duo The Chainsmokers, and photography director Mike Ramm for bringing it to our attention, there is an anthem to encapsulate this affliction of the personal paparazzi.

Behold, the track “#Selfie.”  (Warning: This video contains instances of t-shirt profanity and uncomfortable tighty-whitey selfie.)



Released Jan. 29 on YouTube, the video features furious synth beats pounding over the vapid musings of a selfie addict that everyone knows. This is also combined with a massive collage of pics, including from celebrities like Snoop Lion and David Hasselhoff.

The tome to the digital equivalent of “Mirror, mirror on the on the wall” has all ready got more than 300,000 views on YouTube. View it now, because it will probably be passed around this weekend on your friends’ smart phones or will pepper your newsfeed, just like a selfie.

Speaking of newsfeeds, there is no doubt that in the wake of Facebook’s 10th anniversary this week that your page is now riddled with “Facebook movies” friends and loved ones have shared endlessly.

Facebook put out the video collages on Wednesday to give each user a flashback to their time on the social media site, incorporating old photos, status updates and all-time scoreboards for liked-posts.

The malaise has set in, and now the comedy duo Tripp + Tyler have answered in kind with their post An Honest Facebook Movie.


The minute-and-a-half video pokes—no pun intended—at the stereotype-laden videos, just as Facebook has added an edit feature for users to alter them.

So get ready for Facebook movie: The Director’s Cut.