The Seven-Way Primary to replace Jim Moran

Seven candidates are running today to replace. U.S. Rep Jim Moran. We take a look at who’s in the ring.

On Jan. 15, 11-term U.S. Rep. Jim Moran announced he would be retiring from Congress, setting off a flurry of political interest as to who would succeed him.

At present, seven candidates are running in the Democratic primary, being held June 10. They include a former lieutenant governor and U.S. ambassador, a mayor, a state senator, a Virginia House delegate and a host of other politicians. Geoff Skelley of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics helps us break down who’s running and where they are coming from. —Carten Cordell

  • Theoretically, someone could win this race with less than 10 percent of the vote, Skelley says, that wont happen, but a person with [Beyers] kind of name recognition might have an advantage. / Photo courtesy of the Department of State.

  • He might be a more obvious ideological match for the district, says Skelley. Hes represented that area for a while, in terms of (recent recognition), that might be good for him. / Photo courtesy of the Office of Adam Ebbin.

  • [Being Alexandrias mayor] certainly helped springboard Jim Moran, Skelley says. If the past is any indicator, being mayor of a relatively major city within the district certainly gives him a good base to work with. / Photo courtesy of the Office of William Euille.

  • Photo courtesy of the Office of Patrick Hope.

  • Photo courtesy of Lavern Chatman

  • Photo courtesy of Julie Pixler.

  • Photo courtesy of Mark Levine.

(May 2014)